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Grad’s hateful rant: Letters to the Editor — May 31, 2023

The Issue: A CUNY Law graduate criticized the military, police and Israel in her commencement speech.

As an alumnus of City University of New York undergraduate and graduate programs, I cannot imagine that a graduate of CUNY Law school would have given such a disgraceful commencement speech 40 years ago (“Stark raving grad,” May 30).

The disparagement of our legal system, our military, our police and one of our staunchest allies in the world flies in the face of all that is decent and wondrous about America.

I am sure there are good and decent students and faculty members at CUNY and other institutions of higher learning who disagree with Fatima Mousa Mohammed’s ravings. Are they too intimidated by the woke mob to speak up?

To paraphrase Edmund Burke, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”

Robert Semel


Mohammed’s vicious speech at CUNY Law School’s commencement was an absolutely derisive and divisive rant against the United States.

Whoever allowed these words to be spewed by this angry graduate should be ashamed.

If everyone who felt as attacked as I did had walked out, justice would have been somewhat served.

Ilene Simon

Old Bridge, NJ

I congratulate The Post for its courageous front-page story and articles about the neo-Marxist rantings of CUNY law graduate Fatima Mousa Mohammed.

Few newspapers and publications adequately report the revolutionary zeal of these true believers in their faux anti-colonialist intersectional cause.

Not only do they hold a significant presence in academia, but they populate the Biden administration as well, advancing the so-called “woke” agenda across various departments.

Unfortunately, President Biden and other old-style Democrats think only about raising money from their party’s donor class, lobbyists and foreign actors. They never realize the festering ideology that is invading the Democrat Party.

Those who hold Mohammed’s revolutionary, racist, anti-Semitic and socialist beliefs are capable of swallowing the Democratic Party whole.

Stanley Rubin

Fresh Meadows

The old Yiddish expression that “a rotten fish stinks from its head” was never more apropos then when applied to CUNY Law School.

That the speaker would rail against America and Israel is not shocking. It is easier to spout hate from a podium than to promote an even better American society or Palestinians who advocate for peace.

The root of the problem is the CUNY leadership, which tolerates and encourages a radical anti-American and anti-Israel platform.

Why are they still funded with public tax dollars? Where is the governor? The mayor? The CUNY trustees? It’s shameful.

Yakov Moshe


That was a commencement speech?

No, it was a rant filled with the highest form of woke rage, anti-Semitism and anti-Israel, anti-police and anti-military rhetoric.

And Mohammed was chosen to be a representative of the CUNY law school’s graduating class of 2023? It’s mind-boggling and a testament to just how low CUNY has sunk.

Cindy Adler

Boynton Beach, Fla.

The CUNY law graduate said in her commencement speech she hates the NYPD, the US military and Israel.

The freshly minted grad also hates her alma mater for having “self-serving interests” and “[continuing] to fail us.” She hates the city, the country, Israel (of course) and her school, which gave her an education and an entry into the law profession.

Is there anything that she likes?

Mark Seitelman


How will Mohammed’s intense hate mesh with appearing before the bench as an attorney, when the law aspires to “justice for all”? That includes pro-Israel and pro-law-enforcement individuals.

L. Charm Tenenbaum

Clifton, NJ

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