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Triple the length of the border fence from Greece to Turkey

Greece triples the length of soaring fences built to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants, crossing the border with its rival Turkey It will be closed further. The plan will be done as Greece. Along both its land and sea frontiers, it faces a sudden surge of refugees as its relationship with its ancient enemies deteriorates.

Greece built a security fence along its steep border with Turkey last year, ten years after Athens first built a 13-kilometer fence in the area to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. It started to expand.

However, authorities are currently concerned as the influx of refugees is skyrocketing.

"There is a clear attempt by Turkey to instrument immigrants to create a crisis with Greece," said Immigration Minister Notis Mitarachi. And he added that paralysis speaks for themselves.

The influx of 1 million people, mainly Syrians, who flowed into the country during the 2015 refugee crisis has dropped dramatically, but an estimated 1,000 migrants cross illegally every day. I am.

This is about 20% higher than last year.

Hundreds of additional border guards have been deployed along the so-called Ebros Frontier in recent weeks to strengthen patrols. But fearing the impending influx of larger migratory birds, Mitarachi wasted time in Greece planning to add another 80 kilometers of barbed wire and steel to its existing 40 kilometers of fences. He said he wouldn't.

It is unknown when the project will start. But until that begins, Greece must also cope with the rising flow of movement along its sea boundaries ... mainly in the huge Aegean waterways that separate Greece and Turkey.

Nikos Spanos, Admiral of the Greek Coast Guard, elaborated on the threat posed by this latest surge.

"Don't make fun of ourselves," he said. "Turkey regulates the flow of all migratory birds to Greece and Europe ... and as the locks open further, it becomes very difficult to prevent these inflows from flooding many Greek islands.

In June, immigration officials counted about 3,000 immigrants who attempted to illegally cross from Turkey to Greece in a total of 82 attempts. Only 72 asylum seekers were able to avoid interception.

Authorities here are preparing for the worst as Greece's long-standing relationship with its enemy Turkey has sunk to its lowest point in recent years. The largest influx of immigrants to Europe since World War II, as seen in 2015.

Although they are NATO members, Greece and Turkey have been competing for air and sea rights in the Aegean Sea for decades. However, in recent weeks Turkey has threatened to challenge Greek sovereignty, claiming that more than 100 Aegean islands are unique rather than Greek.

Ankara is also increasingly accusing Athens of building military presence in some of them in violation of international treaties, alleging that Greece strongly denies it.

Government sources said VOA Greece will express Turkey's provocative stance at the NATO summit in Spain this week.