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Greg Gutfeld: Who will the FBI target next?

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Well, it's official. So, with the help of the FBI, the Democrats endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States. Amazing. But it is questionable whether the president will deeply accept the nomination of the President of the United States. 

Donald Trump: I wholeheartedly accept this nomination for President of the United States. 

is happening. yes. That attack was a really smart move. Suppose you want to make a life-sized character even bigger. You raided his flickin' house. Basically, they just gave Popeye a 55-ounce can of spinach. They just gave Hunter Biden a brand new crack pipe and high-speed internet access. They gave me a book of 1001 poop jokes

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, it energizes them and energizes Trump. And unlike every other show, we actually have a tape of the raid [insert movie clip]. 

Raids are **** wrong, but there's a reason you need to keep your sense of humor. Part of the raid strategy is to get you to react so that your anger can be masked as a danger. 

are sounding the alarm. They say you're ready to go, as if you were going to commit an act of violence.So don't get mad. Instead, empathize. 

Democrats want Trump back for good reason. They can't live without him...they are drowning and he is their oxygen. You know, they're too boring and unexciting. If the filet mignon of playing cards. Democratic Party is warm tapioca. It may be because the current leader's brain is warm tapioca. So they will do anything to keep him out of the spotlight.I mean, can you blame them? This guy fights over his clothes. 

Roll It Pedro: [Video of Biden struggling to get his coat on] 

Give him time please give me. He will one day remember where his arm went. Thankfully, it was his jacket, not his pants.But it's kind of scary how it only takes Joe a few seconds to forget he shook someone's hand. 

[Video of Joe Biden seemingly forgetting to shake hands with Chuck Schumer]

This is the one I've ever seen It's the craziest thing of all. oh my god. No wonder they hide him like labial herpes. Oh what's up Joe. 

Staff impersonating Joe Biden: Leave me alone. i like ice cream Come on man. I got chocolate chips. 

Of course much of the country would be offended by the raid, but the left took the news like a Kleenex box of sperm banks. 

Rachel Maddow: Tomorrow is the day to buy paper copies of the newspaper. You will want to buy it and fold it carefully. 

NANCY PELOSI: No one, not even the president or former president of the United States, is above the law. 

CNN Speaker: This is the night you remember where you were. 

CNN SPEAKER: He also has a liar advantage. The government is not going to lie, but Donald Trump will lie badly. 

Joe Scarborough: And the people, The fact that weak people are running around, oh what are we going to do.They say ugly things on Fox News.What do you expect. May this man be brought to justice. he broke the law. everyone knows it. 

Well, hip, hip, long live tyranny. And this is for those who only whine about how our democracy is being attacked. What an absolute jerk off. 

Therefore, a raid on classified documents would not have been necessary at all. But just like Biden's sons, they know how to make exciting videos too. As Andy McCarthy points out in his The New York Post, it appears the White House is pressuring the Justice Department to link Trump with his January 6 crimes. Unlike college lefties, they punish you with arrest, not by misspelling your name on your latte. 

Investigate, others do not. I could go through the list, but you've heard it least on this network. If they were deeper in the swamp, they would have had a crocodile for Baby Mama. 

and especially after spreading the Russian collusion hoax. How can I get them to pass this. That is, they show up at the house and go through all his things, including the safe. That's why I don't have a safe. Oh, and I put everything between the mattress and the box spring.Thank god the doll is easy to inflate. 

But like Stacey Abrams' Twix bar in his back pocket, all our institutions seem to be imploding. Perhaps it's due to Awakening, Anti-Trumpism, or plain old elitism. 

And if they don't come out of that raid one major smoking gun, namely Trump With a video of kissing French Putin, or Pelosi in a headlock with a Don Jr. purse, you'd be more pissed off than R. Kelly after drinking two quarts of Snapple. It's disgusting. 

This is not a policy decision. This is the former president's home under raid. Can you imagine doing this to Obama or Biden in a few years time...or Hillary. Come to think of it, they need to raid her location in Chappaqua just to find evidence if Bill was ever there. I know there is 


BANANA REPUBLIC Despite their antics, they aren't even a third world country. 

Current America is a beautiful car, the steering always pulls to the left, the engine light comes on her 10th time, and there is no electrical tape to hide it. We know there are problems under the hood. The team was selected by an agency that appears to be neutral to all of these. It's too expensive to get a brand new car, but you should at least replace the drivetrain in a few months. 

But it's just another example of a one-way pattern of persecution where it's up to you to prove your innocence. It's the same idea as an IRS agent. See, if you don't cheat, you have nothing to hide.

Who will you target next? Maybe you. Maybe me. All I know is that I moved my collection of adult Beanie Babies out of my house in preparation for the raid. 

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