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Gutfeld about the murder of a mom in New York: listen to people when they say they are threatened

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Greg Gutfeld and "The Five" discussed the latest developments in the investigation into the murder of a New York City mother who was shot dead while pushing a stroller and Mayor Eric Adam's reaction.

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Greg Gutfeld:Well, as you know,he appears in every tragedy, every murder scene. And I get it. That's what you are supposed to do. And he tells you it's bad and it's always this problem. But it tells you this. Police usually appear after the crime has already been committed. Therefore, when catching criminals, you need to keep them behind the prison. That is our first mistake. And the second point is that prevention is necessary. And what is prevention? You need a policeman to beat. I mean, I live in this city and remember seeing the police in almost every city. I can not see. And I feel like you're looking at drug-addicted zombies more homeless than policemen in the long run. And finally, when they say they are intimidated, you have to listen to people. They knew who this guy was. She was being abused by this man. Still, the system ruined her. She died. The baby has neither a mother nor a father.

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