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Bruce Willis's shameful exploitation of H'wood: "It's so sad"

Hollywood tough guy Bruce Willis has a familyin March for a catastrophicaphasia diagnosisIt shocked the world when he announced that he would stop acting.

In the aftermath, the 67-year-old illness was revealed to be an open secret, and while he continued his actions,by his friends and familyIt was protected.

But the Los Angeles Times's disturbing new reportreveals how the sick star was abused by embarrassed film producer Randall Emmett. The story of also tricked investors into rampant drug use and worked onhis ex-fiancé "Vander Pump Rule" star, Lala Kent, 31. Accused 51-year-old Emmet for playing a sexual role. Good feeling.

"His normal business mode is sketchy," Teresa Fan, a writer who worked with Emmet, told the paper.

Randall Emmett and Bruce Willis on set.
Instagram / Randall Emmett

In September 2020, Emmet "Midnight Killer" Willis I was supervising at. According to some crew members, the actor couldn't get the door kicked with the help of the stunt coordinator. Frustrated, he left the set and confused Willis asked, "Did I do something wrong?"

"You need to be blind to avoid seeing him struggling," said Alicia Havaland, the movie's real estate manager.

That night, Emmet is said to have called hisfiancé Kentin tears. "I can't do this anymore," Kent told her. "I'm so sad. Bruce can't remember his lines. He doesn't know where he is." (Emmett denied many claims in the LA Times story. He didn't make this conversation. , Said he was unaware of the deterioration of Willis's health.)

The poster for "Midnight in the Switchgrass" where Emmett reportedly noticed Willis was ailing.
© LionsGate / Courtesy Everett Co

But he didn't quit his job with the "Die Hard" star. After the call, he allegedly made five more action films with Willis and used the A-lister as a cash cow for the former production company Emmett / Furla Oasis with his partner George Furla. increase.

If a pair needs to inject money to repay their debt, they talk about making another Bulls-Bruce Willis movie, according to former assistant Anna Simanska. I did.

Emmet broke a niche in Tinsel Town and made a bad movie starring aging action stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino and Willis. The latter reportedly earned $ 2 million in two days of work. While they were flops directly linked to domestic DVDs, Flick will be financially successful in the international market.

Randall Emmett and Lala Kent attend the screening of "Midnight in the Switchgrass" in July 2021.

Miami natives ran through showbiz ranks, initially Mark Wahlberg With Berg's real-life aides as an assistant, and with his old boss, he continues to make the hit "Lone Survivor." As his produced credits increased, so did his extravagant lifestyle, including flying private jets and driving Rolls-Royce. Both showed off the "Vander Pump Rule".

Then there was 50 Cent of 2019 beef and lent $ 1 million to Emmet, the producer of his show "Power". The rapper said he was late to pay off his debt and roasted Emmet and Kent on social media. The pair quickly settled down, but "Candy Shop" artistridiculed his old enemy on Instagramafter the story of the bomb Bruce Willis was released.

Willis poses with his family including ex-wife Demi Moore.
Willis poses with his family, including his ex-wife Demi Moore.

Since 2006, Willis has appeared in 20 EFO movies, despite his poor health. In "The Sixth Sense", one of the last movies of the star, "The Wrong Place," he spent two days on the Alabama set and was fed a line by Earpiece.

Szymanska always remembered Willis with an aide on his side. But "when no one on the Bruce team, the crew will say how sad it is to see him in this state."

Willis' lawyer, Marty Singer, replaces the star. I declined the interview.

Randall Emmett and Bruce Willis in Park City, Utah in 2012.
Michael Stewart

However, the lawyer defended Willis' work with Emmet. "My client was able to do the job he wanted to do, just like many others who were diagnosed with aphasia and could continue to work, so he continued to work after the medical diagnosis. "It was," said the singer, and the actor was a pandemic.

In a statement to the LA Times, Emmet blamed Kent, who was trapped in a custody dispute over his one-year-old daughter Ocean, for his vicious allegations.

He calls them "false and part of the now familiar smear campaign organized by [his] fiancée to shake their custody dispute." is. The couple split in October last year, and Kent later stated that it was because of her dating, who was 23 years old, shortly after giving birth.

In a LA Times article, Kent confronted her about suspicion of cheating and when she tried to grab his phone,he worked on herand Emmet. And his long-standing nanny dispute was that the fight was not physical.

"When he was trying to pry it out of my hand, I used every ounce of power to pull him away from me," Lara said. He was hiding a lot.