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Halsey responds to fans leaving the show in Phoenix with a speech in support of abortion

(CNN)Halseyis a message to concert attendees who disagree with the singer's view of reproductionHave the right.

Reportedly, some people attending Halsey'sSunday night concertat Phoenix have low vs. Wade to protect their right to abortion. He left following Halsey's comments criticizing the Supreme Court's decision to overturn. ..
"The truth is that we see so many people who deserve an incredible life and deserve the necessary healthcare rights, so my heart stares at this audience. They are, "they pronounced and said in avideoshared by attendees on Twitter. "I don't want you to be in a situation where you can't access it."

They added: "If you don't like it, you don't know why you came to Halsey's concert.

Halsey will again be on this topic at theshow in Dallason Tuesday.

"You are in a building full of 15,000 people," Halsey said. "So all the strangers you hear and think it doesn't affect your real life, look left, look right, look in front of you, behind you Look at these people here, those who are singing the same songs as you, those who are here because they love you the same, maybe even you here are saved lives by mischief There are people. I know for sure. Here. "

Halsey also encouraged the audience to vote for candidates who support reproductive rights.