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Harris compares the overthrow of Rho with the legacy of the US government, which "attempts to claim ownership of the human body."

(CNN)Saturday Vice President Kamala Harris said that theSupreme Courtwas a landmark in 1973. We built a relationship by overturning the case against Wade. When she performed at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, she "tried to claim ownership of the human body" in the Wade case, arranging the legacy of the US government.

"This is a serious problem," Harris said last month that the federal constitutional right to abortion was abolished in the High Court. "And it requires us all to speak up, speak up, and act."

Harris participates in a conversation with actress Keke Palmer by the fireplace,

14} We welcomed hundreds of people at the celebration of, one of the largest African-American cultures in the country. In the conversation, she discussed the cyclical struggle for civil liberties and the urgency of not taking for granted the right to appear to be protected by the "reconciliation law."
The Vice President called the High Court to restrict access to abortion after nearly 50 years of precedent "problems at so many levels," and the decision wasa low-income community. Said that it would affect the disproportionately.

"The government has the right to come to your house and tell you what to do with your body as a woman and as a family. "Harris said.

"We must recognize that we are a country established on the basis of certain principles based on the concept of freedom and freedom," she said. ..

"We also have a history of the government of this country trying to claim ownership of the human body, and it seems that it has evolved from that time and that way of thinking," the Vice President added. "So this is very problematic at so many levels; the impact it would have on women without means."

Last year, Texas legislators effective abortion in the state. After moving to a ban, 154 economists submitted Amikas briefs to the Supreme Court to help maintain reproductive freedom in the United States. Educational Possibility,CNN previously reported.
Data from the prominentturnaway studyat the University of California, San Francisco showed that households are a major driver in deciding to end unwanted pregnancies. .. Aanalysis of data from the National Institute of Economic Researchshowed that the majority of women attempting to have an abortion near the pregnancy limit have incomes below the poverty line.

On the other hand, women who were denied abortion had a high poverty rate, a high unemployment rate, and a high need for government support. According to economists, this in turn affects children's financial well-being and outlook.

Harris promoted her work on her mother's health at the event, expressing her spirit of hope and admitting that she had to do more, especially for black women.

"Don't be overwhelmed to disappoint us, and I don't think we can do anything about it. It's the nature of these benefits that aren't permanent, so we Be wary and remember that we ... always have to fight to maintain these rights, "Harris said.

Harris has emerged as one of the top messengers of the Biden administration's reproductive rights since the Supreme Court's ruling to overturn the Roe v. Wade case. The Vice President has been looking for months to raise the issue of maternal health care when maternal mortality is disproportionately affecting blacks and indigenous peoples. However, since the Supreme Court's ruling, Harris has repeatedly emphasized the broad impact of the decision, including a recent interview with CNN on.

In a discussion by the fireplace, Harris praises the young leader, asks his peers to volunteer, and listens to their voices about the issues they care about in their lives. I urged them to build a coalition.

"It is powerful to know that the majority of us have much more in common than they separate us. Those who are trying to attack our rights "I'm trying to make people feel small and lonely," Harris added, "because they want you to believe that you are powerless and you are there alone."