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Harris said she "never believed."

Washington (CNN)Roe v. In the first interview since Wade overthrowson Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris marks the election of former President Donald Trump's Supreme Court, who voted against CNN Dana Bash in the Senate. He said he never believed in maintaining a standard abortion law.

"I didn't believe them. I didn't believe them, so I opposed them," Vice President said in an interview Monday with Judge Brett Kabanau and Judge Neil Gorsuch. Pointed to and said. Roe v. A previous statement emphasizing Wade's long-standing precedent asked Harris if she believed that two judges deliberately misunderstood the public and parliament during the confirmation process.

"When I was sitting in that chair as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, it was clear that they ... were very likely to do what they did now. Was my view. It's my opinion. So I voted like myself. "

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