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Sonny Barger, the founder of Hells Angels, has passed away. Motorcycle club leader "died peacefully" from cancer at the age of 83

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Hells Angels Motorcycle Club founder Sonny Barger "died Wednesday after a short fight against cancer." He was 83 years old.

As "Sons of Anarchy" actor Lenny the Pimp, who starred, shared his posthumous Facebook post announcing his death.

"Reading this message tells me that I'm gone. I asked you to post this memo shortly after my passage," the message said. "I have had a long and good life full of adventure, and I had the privilege of being part of a great club.

" I had a public persona for decades But I enjoyed a special time mainly with my club brothers, my family, and close friends.

Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger died Wednesday after a brief battle with cancer. He was 83

Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger has a short battle After that, he died on Wednesday with cancer. He is 83(Ted Soqui)

HELLS ANGELS FOUNDER is reported to sue HBO in the Biker series

"Know that I passed peacefully after a short fight against cancer."

Burger's Facebook post has ended: "But in the end I also know that I was surrounded by something really important. My wife Zorana and my loved ones. Keep your head high and stay loyal. Free and always cherish your honor. Sonny HAMCO.

Formerly convicted with a long criminal history, Burger is a founding member of Oakland, California,a branch of the infamous Harley Davidson Biker Club

Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompsonwrote about Barger in his 1966 book Hell's Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

"There is no doubt who runs the show at the gathering of angels in hell. Ralph'Sony'Burger, Maximum Leader. Any action begins," Thompson wrote. "In turn, he is a fanatic, a philosopher, a quarrel, a wise compromiser, and a final arbitrator. Burger's words are undeniable."

Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger wrote six books about his life and motorcycle culture. The outlaw gang leader died Wednesday following a cancer battle.
{69 Founder of Hell's Angels Sony Burger wrote six books about his life and motorcycle culture. The outlaw gang leader died Wednesday after the fight for cancer. (Mario Magnani)


Over the years, Berger faced multiple criminal chargescharged with the murder of a drug dealer in 1972, but was not guilty. Since 1973, he has served in prison for over four years for possession of drugs for sale (37 grams of heroine) and possession of weapons by convicted Ferron.

He allegedly continued to lead Hell's Angel from the Folsom prison cell until his release in Parol in 1977.

Authorities have discovered a 9mm automatic pistol, a .38 caliber revolver. He served Subpoena in 1978 and was a riflewhile conducting a pallor search for his home in Auckland. Berger was subsequently arrested on suspicion of violating Parol.

He was one of the 33 members and associates of various Hell's Angel Scrubs in California, accused of racket in 1979, but was later accused.

In 1983, Berger revealed that he had cancer in his throat and he had resigned from responsibility for the club. 

Hells Angels and locals outside the Blackboard Cafe in Bakersfield, Calif., 1965.

Hell's Angel and outside the Blackboard Cafe Locals in Bakersfield, California, 1965.(Bill RayTime & Life Pictures)

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After a major FBI attack, Burger and 13 members were arrested on suspicion of drugs, weapons and explosives. He was later convicted of conspiracy in 1988 and served a four-year sentence.

Burger wrote six books, including an autobiography entitled "Hell's Angel-The Life and Age of Sunny Burger and the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club," infamous 1969 at the Altamont Speedway Free Festival. I explained in detail about the Rolling Stones Concert. In Livermore, California.

Angel was at hand as a guardfor the Rolling Stonesat a counterculture event played by Santana, Jefferson Airplane and Crosby, Stills, Nash&Young. He was named "Woodstock West" under the Great Full Dead heading.

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But the concert is very bloody The stinging death by Meredith hunter Hell's Angel Alan Passaro, who fought many times and attended the concert, wasthe dead refused to carry outthe entire incident was taped to the 1970 documentary " It became the basis of "Gimmy Shelter".

Burger's novel "Dead in 5 Heartbeats" was made into a movie in 2013 and co-authored a guide on motorcycle ownership and safety entitled "Let's Ride".

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