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Officials say they attempted an attack in Madison, Wisconsin, admitting that gunmen in Highland Park fired at a crowd in the parade.

(CNN)Monday's massacre at theIndependence Day paradeat Highland Park, Illinois Gunner. Prosecutors confirmed on Wednesday that he had carried out an attack, killing seven people and injuring dozens.

Robert E. Climo III, 21, told authorities in a voluntary statement that he "aimed, aimed and fired" parade participants and emptied two 30 magazines before loading weapons. Told. Bendillon, a lawyer at Lake County Assistant State, claimed to continue firing a third shot during a virtual bond hearing.

The judge ordered Kurimo, who wore black and attended the inquiry, to be detained without being detained on seven charges of one murder. The conviction would result in life imprisonment without parole, but more charges could be filed in the future, said Eric Reinhardt, a lawyer in Lake County.

"For each injured individual, attempted murder and battery charging are expected to worsen the battery," Linehart said in a press conference after the hearing. He added, "Every time he fires a bullet at an individual, he is committing a deteriorating release of weapons, whether he has attacked someone or not. More accusations will come in the coming weeks. Probably. "

Officials said the parade began after 10 am on Monday, and shootersfired from the rooftop of Highland Park.
Women's dressed Climobelievesto hide his identity. He left the roof and fled the area, mixing with the fleeing crowd, said Chris Koveli, a spokesman for the Lake County's Major Crime Task Force, earlier.
Five people shot dead in the parade were sentenced to death at the scene, and two hospitalized were injured. According to Jim Anthony of the NorthShore University Health System, a total of 39 patients were transported tomedical facilities"by ambulance or other means" and 9 patients (ages 14 to 70). -I was still in the hospital as of Tuesday afternoon.

A surveillance video from the scene showed a person running west with a black bag on his shoulder shortly after the shooting, Dillon said Wednesday, outlining what happened on July 4. did. While the individual was running, an object wrapped in cloth fell onto the pavement. Subject left the object and continued to run.

When recovered, authorities identified the object as a Smith&Wesson M&P15 semi-automatic rifle, Dillon said. There was one round in the chamber, but no magazine was inserted.

On the roof, investigators recovered three 30 magazines and 83 used cartridge cases, Dillon said.

Shooter'Seriously considered' second shot

Kurimo plans by authorities forto attackfor several weeks And, according to Mr. Coveri, who is believed to have used the rifle, it seems to have been legally purchased in Illinois, as well as another that he allegedly had when he was pulled and arrested by police. It is said that. Other firearms were recovered from his residence in nearby Highwood.

There may have been more genocide. According to a police spokesman, Klimo drove to Madison, Wisconsin on Monday following a shooting in Illinois to consider shooting there.

After driving a car to Madison, Klimo said, "Looking at the celebration that was happening, he seriously considered using the firearms he had in his car to make another shot at Madison. "It was," said Chris Coveli, a spokesperson for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, after a Wednesday hearing, who identified the weapon as the Keltec SUB200. According to Coveri, Klimo had about 60 rounds of ammunition in the car at the time.

"There is no information to suggest that he originally planned to drive Madison to make another attack. (But) he was driving following the first attack, I believe I saw the celebration, "said Koveli.

"The sign is that he didn't think or study it enough," Kovel said.

Coveli refused to work on the shooter's motives again and told reporters that he did not want to go into the specific details of what he had told the investigators.

"But he had some affinity for the numbers 4 and 7, and vice versa," Covelli said on Monday, July 4th. Said with reference to.

Gunman previously contacted police

After a shocking mass shooting, the town mayor said while another community was rebounding. ,I'm wondering how Gunman was able to buy weapons in light of his previous encounters with law enforcement agencies

Still, by state and local police The information released indicates that the shooter had previously requested police intervention for the threat of violence and concerns about mental health.

Kurimo met policetwicein 2019. Fearing his safety and the safety of others, Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotelling wondered if Climo could later legally obtain firearms.

The Highland Park Police Department received a report in April 2019 that Klimo had previously attempted suicide, Koveli said on Tuesday. Police spoke with Kurimo and his parents, and he said the problem was dealt with by a mental health expert.

In September of that year, the family threatened Kurimo to "kill everyone" and reported that he had a collection of knives, Koveli said. Police removed 16 knives, daggers, and swords from their dwellings.

Highland Park police have submitted a "clear and present danger" report on a visit to Illinois police, state officials said. State police said in a news release Tuesday that the family was willing to file additional complaints.

The knife confiscated by Highland Park police was returned the day after Kurimo's father claimed to belong to him, state police said.

According to Covelli, in the next two years, Kurimo legally purchased five firearms. This includes rifles, pistols and, in some cases, shotguns. State police confirmed on Tuesday that when purchasing firearms, Klimo had passed four background checks between June 2020 and September 2021.

You need a Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) card to buy firearms in Illinois. Climo was under the age of 21, so he was backed by his father, state police said. Climo's application was not rejected because there was "clear and insufficient grounds to establish a present danger" at the time.

The only criminal offense in Kurimo's criminal record was a violation of the January 2016 Ordinance on Tobacco Possession that occurred when he was a boy.

Mayor Rotelling said he knew the shooter as a boy in the Cub Scout pack she led, but "looks forward to explaining how Kurimo was able to obtain firearms. ". Highland Park police have submitted the necessary reports.

"In other countries, people are suffering from mental illness, suffering from anger, and may be playing violent video games, but get these war weapons. You can't, and you can't bring it in. The mayor told CNN Anderson Cooper on Tuesday that the state has a "red flag" law, but raises a voice when there are signs of warning. He said it was necessary.

Investigators are working on motivation decisions.

One detail revealed about Klimo, according to congregation officials, was that he attended the Passover Festival in April at the Central Avenue Synagogue in Highland Park. He "looked unfamiliar," he left himself, officials told CNN.

Authorities are currently "no information suggesting that they are motivated by racial motives, religion, or other protected positions at this time."

Seven victims identified by the authorities

Authorities were killed in a shooting on TuesdaySeven victimsWe have identified 6 of them.

• Highland Park 64 year old Catherine Goldstein

• Highland Park 35 year old Illinois McCarthy

• Highland 37 year old Kevin McCarthy Park

• 63-year-old Jacquelyn Sundheim of Highland Park

• 88-year-old Stephen Straus of Highland Park

• 78-year-old Nicolas Toledo-Zaragoza, Morelos, Mexico

• Illinois Eduardo Wald, 69, in Walkiegan, State

A seventh victim died in a hospital outside Lake County, said Jennifer Baneck of Coroner.

Irina and Kevin McCarthy were with their two-year-old son, Aiden. Aiden was alive and safely taken, their family told CNN.

Aiden survived because his father protected him with his body, his grandfather Michael Lebberg,told the Chicago Sun-Times
Aiden Was taken to the police station, and Lebberg picked him up, and his grandfathersaid to the Chicago Tribune
, "When I picked him up, he "Mom and dad are coming soon," said Revberg on Tuesday, according to the Tribune"he doesn't understand."

On Tuesday, the daughter said that among those injured in the shooting was Eduardo Uwald, a 69-year-old man who had been removed from life support and was fighting for his life at Evanston Hospital. I told CNN.

"Doctors said there was nothing he could do," said Carina Uwald Mendes, but added that her father was still breathing on her own. She said, "We all need to keep us in their prayers.

According to the verified GoFundMecampaign, Uvaldo was shot in the arm and then in the back of the head. His wife and grandson were also injured, Uvaldo-Mendez said.

He tended to avoid the parade because he didn't like the crowd, she said-but he liked the ones in Highland Park, which is the only one he attended each year. It was a thing.