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Highland Park July 4 Shooting: Suspect wore women's clothing during the parade massacre

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An Illinois man accused of firing more than 70 rounds on Monday at an Independence Day parade participant in Highland Park, Illinois, wears women's clothing to hide. It is said to have been worn. ..

Robert E. Climo III, 21,dropped their weapons into the scene, mixed with the crowd and fled, said Chris Koveli, chief deputy chief of the Lake County Crime Task Force. Says. .. Authorities initially reported his age as 22 years old, but announced a correction on Tuesday. 

He was reportedly killed 6 out of 30 or more shots using a "powerful rifle"at a press conference on Tuesday morning. ing. He said there was no evidence that anyone else was involved in the slaughter.

However, Kurimo reportedly had planned an attack for several weeks in advance, and when he walked to his mother's house before escaping to his car, he blended into the crowd. Authorities recovered the 2-chome rifle in his mother's silver Honda Fit car when Climo was captured in North Chicago. He bought a weapon locally from an unspecified seller.

Highland Park Fourth July Shooter: Who is Robert Copenhagen?

Robert Crimo III, 21, was taken into police custody after a brief car chase.

Robert Crimo III, 21 years old, was detained by police after a short car chase. (Catherine Rappell)

"Climohad planned this attackin advance for a few weeks," Kovel said. rice field. "He brought a powerful rifle to this parade. He accessed the roof of the company through the ladder of the emergency stairs and began firing at the parade of Innocent Independence Day."

Capture of suspected gunner Robert Climo at Highland Park

Law enforcement sources use it in addition to AR-15 style rifles In the attack, which told FoxNews Digital that it was done, Kurimo also legally purchased bolt-action rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Coveli said he may have owned multiple pistols.

Robert E. Crimo, 22, has been identified as a person of interest in the July 4th parade attack in Highland Park, Illinois in which at least six people were killed. 

Robert E. Crimo, 22 years old: Identified in a person interested in the July 4th parade attack in Highland Park, Illinois. At least 6 people died.  (Highland Park Police Station)

Authorities have sent investigators to anyone with information, videos, or images of the Monday parade. Is asking the police or the FBI to contact you. case. The prosecution on Tuesday is still under consideration, police said.

The attack began around 10:14 am at the intersection of Central Avenue and Second Street. The parade began at 10 o'clock on the corner of Laurel Avenue and St. John's Avenue and ended at Sunset Park.

Screenshot from Awake the Rapper's video "are you awake?"

Awake the Rapper video screenshot "You are Are you awake? "" (Awakens the wrapper / Vimeo)

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Police said five victims were killed on the scene and a sixth was injured in the hospital.

Crimo is a self-proclaimed wrapper with the pseudonym "Awake". He has a history of posting offensive images online, including graphics depicting shooting violence.

Covelli said on Tuesday that police had not yet identified the motive for the attack.

Suspect's uncle Paul Klimo toldFOX 32 Chicago"there are no signs of warning," and his nephew was a quiet young man.

"He keeps everything to himself and does not express himself," he told the station. "So he's just sitting on his computer. There's no interaction between me and him."

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