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The highland park parade shoot was planned for several weeks. Police say the suspect is dressed as a woman during the rampage

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Highland Park, Illinois — A man detained by police in connection with a shooting at the paradeon July 4th. , Planned an attack over several weeks — and officials said Tuesday that they dressed as women to avoid discovery.

Robert “Bobby” E. Climo III, arrested by police hours after a deadly shooting, puts himself in a sniper's nest to fire at the parade participants below on Monday. I laddered the emergency stairs to do.

"But I believe Climo had planned this attack a few weeks in advance," said Chris Koveli, a spokesman for the Lake County Serious Crime Task Force, on Tuesday. I told reporters.

Coveri also revealed a woman-dressed klimo to distract from the tattoos on his face. 

"During the attack, Klimo was dressed in a woman. Investigators believed that he had a tattoo on his face and hid his identity and did this to help him during his escape. "Masu," said Koveli about 21-. He is one year old in custody.

And the plan seemed to work at first, as Kurimo was said to have walked to his mother's house, rented his car and drove out of town.

"After the attack, Klimo left the roof, dropped his rifle, blended into the crowd, and fled," Kovel's said.

"He was with everyone else because they were running around, just as he was an innocent spectator who blended in correctly." 

The sniper squeezed more than 70 shots from the rooftop perch and randomly picked up the victims below.

Kovel said there was no immediate evidence that the shooter was targeting the victim based on: Weapons were legally purchased in Illinois, officials said.

"He brought a powerful rifle into this parade and accessed the roof of the company through the fire escape route. It was a ladder and participated in the celebration of Innocent Independence Day. I started firing at people. "

The day after authorities said rooftop snipers had killed six people at this wealthy suburb of Chicago celebration, Roteringwas on NBC's "Today" show. Everyone said they were still surprised at how to unleash such things. violence.

"I know him as someone who was a Cub Scout when I was a Cub Scout leader," she said, an interested person arrested by police hours after a deadly shooting. He talked about Climo.

"And that's one of the things you take a step back and say,'What happened?' Why did someone get so angry? Literally, I hate taking it out to the innocent people who have spent the day in the family. ""

When asked about Kurimo's memories, the mayor replied briefly, "He was just a little boy."

Highland Park, Illinois, USA 4th of July parade shooting - 04 Jul 2022
Law enforcement officers will investigate the site on Monday in Highland Park, Illinois.Tannen Maury / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

Monday shootings:

  • Tuesday mayor killed He blamed how the powerful weaponused in thewas used. Legal Purchase: "I don't know where the gun came from, but I know it was legally obtained. And at some point, the country has these weekly events, including murder. I think we need to talk about dozens of people who have legally obtained guns. If that's what our law means, we need to rethink the law. I think. "
  • The number of people injured or injured in the turmoil of the attack on Monday is 47.
  • Police still ask people to leave downtown. 89} Highland Park Tuesday, as investigators continue to collect evidence. More details onhave been revealed for the victims of the
  • Monday massacre. They include Nicholas Toledo, 78, Jackie Sandheim.
  • US Senator Dick Durbin, D-Ill. Said on Tuesday that the shootings showed the emergence of a new violent American tradition,told MSNBC: "What happened here yesterday was sadly a clash of two traditions: The stunning tradition of the July 4th parade and the horrifying new tradition of mass shooting. ”Highland Park slaughter in Buffalo, New Yorkand Yuvaldi, Texas

. Following theshooting incident. This is a developing story. Please update here for updates.

Antonio Planas was reported from Highland Park, Illinois, and Marlene Rentan and David K. Lee were reported from New York City.