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According to Hill's report, Republicans are calling the IRS a "boogeyman" and "advertising dangers to voters."

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The Hill published a report article attacking theRepublican Partyfor creating a "boogeyman" out of the IRS. The IRS just received additional funding from the Inflation Reduction Act, adding 87,000 employees.

Interestingly, the article titled "IRS Becomes Republican Boogeyman Ahead of Midterm Elections" was written as a straight news story, not an editorial.

"Republicans say he opposes the FBI following last week's raid in Mar-a-Lago, but another of his three-letter federal agencies, he poses a danger to voters from the IRS." also advertises,” writes Hill.

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"Republicans want the IRS included in the Democratic tax, climate and healthcare package that President Biden signed into law on Tuesday. The Hill will target middle-class Americans with an 'army' of new regulators, warning of an $80 billion funding round,' they continued. has released the video. “Despite Democrats’ claims that the additional funds are intended to keep wealthy taxpayers and businesses from becoming stiff, [additional IRS funds] are hurting Americans every day.

They went on to claim in the Straight News section that "Democrats, the Biden administration, and various fact-checkers pushed back the allegations." 45}

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However, when pressed, Biden administration officials used additional IRS officials to target the middle class.

"But Republicans countered that there was nothing in the law to prevent middle-class Americans from being audited more, Democrats are noting that they voted against the Republican amendment to prevent the new funds from being used to track low-income people," Hill admitted. 

The Hill reported earlier this month that the IRS issued a job posting requiring applicants to be "willing to carry firearms and use deadly force" against U.S. citizens. He pointed out that he faced backlash over his publication.



IRS Additional Funding Costs Politically For Democrats Towards 2022 Midterm Elections It has become.

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