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Hochul has signed a law extending the mayor's control over New York City schools for two years

Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill extending mayoral control over NYC schools for another two years.
Governor Kathy Hokul has signed a bill to extend the mayor's control over New York City schools for another two years. Lev Radin / Pacific Press / Shutters

Governor Kathy Hokul has been ruled by the Mayor of New York City for two years. Signed an extension of. A public school in New York City just before such authority would have expired at midnight on Friday.

"This system has been successful, expanding student and parent education options and improving academic performance," Hochul said in a legislative memo.

"Mayor [Eric] Adams suggested improving the system, and he should be given the same opportunity as his predecessor to do so," Hokuru added. The

extension was a top priority for Adams, who supported Hokul just before the landslide won the Governor's Democratic primary. 

According to sources, the mayor turned to the governor to get concessions from the legislature instead of signing thebill that passed the legislature a few weeks ago. 

Postpone the expansion of the education policy panel from 15 to 23 until January 15, 2023, for adjustments that are likely to pass the legislature early next year. Is included. It is reportedly supported by a strong union of teachers in the city.

Hochul praised mayoral control, saying it "expanded educational options for students and parents, and improved academic outcomes."

"A bill drafted to ensure that the city has enough time. To properly implement this expanded and comprehensive governance model through a new panel on education policy that required technical editing, "Hokul said in a memo. 

The Governor has not yet signed a law requiringto reduce the number of classes incity schools.  

"I like the idea of ​​class size. It needs to be done correctly. It doesn't affect the ability of the students in the school they need to get the right support. We need to do that, "Adams said Thursday. 

Hochul argued that Mayor Eric Adams should be "given the opportunity" to change the system as previous mayors had.
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