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A scary woman accidentally posts a naked selfie on eBay's air fryer list

Get out of the air fryer and into the fire.

A British woman mistakenly included a naked selfie on eBay's list of air fryer, but before being attacked by a "crude" message asking if "melon" was included. Claimed to remain "quivering in a panic". Sale.

26-year-old Emma Jones is puzzled that she received requests from hundreds of new followers and friends on social media after she listed Ninja Foodi Max at the end of last month. Did.

But when she noticed that the fifth image on her list of Jones was her topless photo standing in front of her full-length mirror, her Jones confused. Soon turned into horror.

"It was a picture of the" before "the diet I started," Jones explained to Kennedy News."[List] I took the photo the day before. I uploaded the ad using my mobile phone, so I think I accidentally tapped it while scrolling to select the photo."

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This list has since become viral, but electrical products It explains as follows. There are "previously used" and "signs of wear".

"I checked the list after about 24 hours, but I had only 5 views and wasn't interested," Jones recalls. "I didn't open Facebook and notice the problem until [the next day] I had a lunch break at work. I had about 50 friend requests and about 100 Facebook messages."

Next, Jones checked Instagram. There were over 150 new followers and a message request folder filled with 100 new messages.

The first four photos of the listing were innocuous, but the fifth photo left prospective buyers stunned. The post subsequently went viral.
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Then blushing sellers include nude selfies I noticed that on eBay's list, I had 117,000 views and a maximum bid of over $ 1,250.

"I wasn't happy or thinking about money when I saw bids over $ 1,250. I was just panicking," Jones said. Admitted.

Dozens of messages she received came from cruel trolls and enjoyed the blunder of her naked selfies.

"Is all of the photos included in the purchase? It all looks neat and tidy," one ridiculed.

"Hello, I'm looking for a complete breakdown of the parts that come with the Ninja. Also, do you have a close-up photo of the last photo part? Thank you," said another person. Asked.

A third party rudely asked: "Does it come with Melon?"

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More benign photos, such as the one above, were featured alongisde the nude selfie.
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But many people Seems to have taken the time to track Jones and politely warn of unfortunate mistakes.

Jones quickly deleted the nude photos, and after continuing to gain thousands of views, she eventually deleted the entire list.

The seller tried to see the interesting side of the situation, but it remained blushing, leaving behind unwanted appliances.

"I'm angry that I might have been able to get the money now, and I'm still stuck in the air flyer I. Is too afraid to list it again, "she admitted. "I try to give it to my friends."