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A terrifying new crab seed covered with "hair" identified by scientists

Scientists have discovered a new, eerie type of crab that disguises itself as hair scraped from other sea creatures.

Despite its threatening appearance, "fluffy" beasts actually use it as a protective hat from predators.

Similar to a typical hermitage crab , but instead of a shell, trim a living sponge and then make a coat.

The fuzzy new species is part of the Sponge Club family and is called the Lamarckdromia Beagle.

It was discovered after being washed away on a beach near the city of Denmark in the west Australia.

"Extreme fluffiness was a gift for us," Andrew Hosie of the West Australia Museum told LiveScience.

"Sponge crabs are often hairy, but they are more like felt or velvet than this full hairy coat."

Crabs have special hind legs, You can keep the trimmings you have collected on your head.

These bits are accumulated to create a shield that fits snugly over the crab.

This will prevent big fish, other crabs, and even predators like octopus from devouring them for lunch.

This name is actually named after the ship that carried the British naturalist Charles Darwin all over the world.

Hairy crab
Colin L Mclay / Scientific Figure
Hairy crab
Colin L Mclay / Scientific Figure

The ship he traveled to Australia was called the HMS Beagle.

"This voyage is believed to have had a major impact on Darwin, and he is on the road to formulating the theory of natural choice," Horsey added.

This story originally appeared in Sun and was reproduced here with permission.