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00:00 Chloe Kim And Jimmy Fallon Photobomb Unsuspecting Olympics Fans
00:00 The Latest: New bombardment kills 13 Syrian capital suburb
00:00 'We can't just stop breathing': A global scandal, made in Germany
00:00 Tears, boos and tense exchanges on day of confrontation over guns
00:00 Ellen DeGeneres Tested Bill Gates With A Grocery Game. Clearly He Doesn't Shop.
00:00 EU leaders prepare life without Britain, mull future ties
00:00 What's it like to be your country's only competitor at the Winter Olympics?
00:00 The Frat House of Representatives
00:00 Why George Washington’s rules matter more than ever today
00:00 One Year In, DNC Turnaround Has A Long Way To Go
00:00 Pot smoking vs. spousal abuse: Security clearance double standard alleged
00:00 Complaints About Nursing Home Evictions Rise, and Regulators Take Note
00:00 As Washington Gears Up To Tackle Foreign Influence, How Effective Can It Be?
00:00 David Bowie 'struggled for years' to tell the story of Ziggy Stardust guitarist Mick Ronson, says filmmaker
00:00 Shopper trying to pass off veal as fruit at self check-out lands in jail
00:00 Tweeters Rip 'Zombie' Donald Trump Over 'Listening Session' Cheat Sheet
00:00 DC settles lawsuit in fatal police shooting for record $3.5M
00:00 Suicide bomber attacks US embassy in Montenegro
00:00 Michael Schur and Amy Poehler Want the NRA to Stop Using GIFs from Parks and Recreation
00:00 Teachers Slam Trump’s Call For More Guns In Schools: ‘Are You F**king Insane?’
00:00 Rugby Intends to Earn its Place in the Sun at the Third Edition of the African Youth Games
00:00 Conservative clash over Trump sets stage for CPAC gathering
00:00 NRA Tweeted A GIF Of Amy Poehler. She Told Them To ‘F**k Off.’
00:00 Threats Against Schools Increase Since Florida Shooting
00:00 North Korea Is Sending a Senior Delegation to the Olympics Closing Ceremony
00:00 Murder charge filed in fallout from video that shows nurses laughing as dying WWII vet struggles for air
00:00 In Praise of the Women of U.S. Hockey, Who Really Hate Canada and Really Deserved a Gold Medal
00:00 How Carly Pearce went from cleaning Airbnbs to becoming country music's next big thing
00:00 From the Archives: Patty Hearst arrives at the Hall of Justice
00:00 Jimmy Kimmel Shreds Donald Trump Jr. For Perpetuating Florida Shooting Conspiracies
00:00 Duterte ‘Is No Autocrat’: The Philippines Hits Back at U.S. Intelligence Claims
00:00 North Korea's new Olympics delegation to be led by man blamed for deadly ship attack
00:00 Sharing stories of miscarriage helps women grieve, fight for change
00:00 Former slam dunk champion ‘excited’ to be a Knick
00:00 Florida Sheriff Rebukes NRA Spokeswoman Who Claims She's 'Fighting' For Shooting Survivors
00:00 Merck launches their Merck Foundation in The Gambia in partnership with The First Lady of The Gambia
00:00 Voices from Syria's former oasis: 'They will die, one by one'
00:00 New York Daily News Reveals Who Really Silences Trump
00:00 North Korea's new Olympics delegation led by man blamed for deadly ship attack
00:00 Delta passengers endure nearly 12-hour delay before flight is canceled: report
00:00 Smoke bomb intended to scare skunks sets house on fire
00:00 U.S. beats Canada in shootout to win gold in women’s hockey
00:00 Trump Jr. ripped for 'liking' conspiracy theories on Parkland survivors
00:00 At CNN Town Hall, Sen. Marco Rubio Declines To Say He Won't Take NRA Money
00:00 US beat Canada to take Women's Ice Hockey Gold for first time since 1998
00:00 North Korea to send high-level delegation to Olympics closing ceremony
00:00 Procession, funeral planned for the Rev. Billy Graham
00:00 U.S. women end Canada's streak to win hockey gold in shootout at 2018 Winter Olympics
00:00 U.S. women end Canada's streak to win hockey gold in shootout at 2018 Winter Olympics
00:00 Chris Evans Shreds Right-Wing 'Pile Of Trash' Who Mocked School Shooting Survivors
00:00 Rubio grilled by Parkland shooting students, parent
00:00 U.S. Pulls off Shootout Victory Over Arch Rival Canada to Win Women’s Hockey Gold
00:00 Should Parkland shooter get death penalty?
00:00 Swastikas scratched into cars in Brooklyn
00:00 Shiffrin, Vonn miss out on gold in the Olympics alpine combined
00:00 Venezuelans are starving amid economic crisis, food shortages
00:00 Lindsey Vonn fails to finish, Shiffrin takes silver in alpine combined
00:00 Mikaela Shiffrin takes silver in Alpine combined while Lindsey Vonn fails to medal
00:00 Shock as Marcel Hirscher crashes out of slalom, Sweden's Myhrer wins gold
00:00 Hand Grenade Thrown At U.S. Embassy In Montenegro, Attacker Killed
00:00 US women’s hockey defeats Canada in shootout to win Olympic gold
00:00 2018 Winter Olympics: U.S.-Canada cliffhanger for women's hockey gold
00:00 Who is NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch?
00:00 Security camera confusion reportedly let school shooter roam free after massacre
00:00 ‘Pathetically Weak.’ Florida Shooting Survivors and Families Confront Marco Rubio Over Gun Control
00:00 Billy Graham's nephew isn't mourning his passing
00:00 Florida Shooting Survivors Face Down The NRA And Politicians, Vow To Keep Fighting
00:00 Nets determined to make Russell-Dinwiddie pairing work
00:00 Students said 'wake up' and America is finally listening
00:00 Police: Narcotics officers hit armed man in gunfire exchange
00:00 A big night for NBC, led again by Lindsey Vonn
00:00 Inmate who raped, killed pregnant woman seeks stay of execution in Texas
00:00 Marco Rubio and N.R.A. Jeered on Gun Stance
00:00 North Korean cheerleader accidentally claps for the Americans, report says
00:00 Vice President Mike Pence visits the Texas-Mexico border
00:00 Florida shooting survivors rip Rubio to shreds in town hall Q&A
00:00 For decades Graham offered counsel and comfort to presidents
00:00 Survivor to Rubio: 'Why do we have to march ... to save innocent lives?'
00:00 Ex-employee sues Google over firing, charging discrimination
00:00 Swingers club in Florida being sued in connection with fatal crash
00:00 Europe Edition: Donald Trump, Syria, Champions League: Your Thursday Briefing
00:00 6 things Marco Rubio said at the CNN town hall that made news in the US gun debate
00:00 Dirk Nowitzki ‘disgusted’ by Mavericks workplace allegations
00:00 Hamptons Magazine editor-in-chief steps down
00:00 Lindsey Vonn on chances in Alpine combined: 'Give it hell and maybe I can pull out a miracle'
00:00 Weinstein uses quotes from high-profile female celebrities in his defense
00:00 Trump's right: Obama was asleep at the switch on Russia
00:00 Man burns down home trying to get rid of skunks
00:00 Retired NYC sanitation worker makes $285K a year from pension
00:00 Nets ‘hopeful’ two key banged-up players will return Monday

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00:00 Obaseki’s Wife Alarm Over Violence Against Children, Launch Action Plans
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00:00 Kinderhilfswerk: Plan macht sechs Fälle von Kindesmissbrauch öffentlich
00:00 Песков прокомментировал слова Серебрякова о хамстве как "национальной идее России"
00:00 Доклад Amnesty International: Пытки, "тайные тюрьмы" спецслужб Украины и преследование за критику власти
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00:00 Боец ММА Бельтран: после Харитонова хочу встретиться с Мальдонадо
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00:00 Пользователи Facebook по всему миру пожаловались на сбой
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00:00 McMaster could leave WH after months of tension with Trump
00:00 მერიის რეფორმა - ასაკოვან ბიბლიოთეკარებს საპატიო წიგნის მცველებად დაასაქმებენ
00:00 Ростуризм призвал туроператоров прекратить продажу билетов на рейсы Azur Air
00:00 Aseguran que el acto de Moyano fue una muestra de unidad para frenar al Gobierno en 2019
00:00 الطب في ( العراق ) اليوم علمٌ (( أم )) تجارة
00:00 Фургон румынского спецназа насмерть задавил мужчину на глазах его брата
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00:00 Kisah Nyata, Perawan Hamil Lima Bulan, Begini Cerita Lengkapnya
00:00 Где смотреть матч "Локомотив" - "Ницца" в Лиге Европы
00:00 Сайт Facebook обрушился в России
00:00 UN pleads for truce to avert ‘massacre’ as strikes hit Syria’s Ghouta for 5th day
00:00 Бывший почтальон с друзьями ограбили пенсионерку в Астрахани
00:00 Pankki huolestui: Pienituloisten perheiden lapset eivät usko koulutukseen
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00:00 Facebook kaatunut ympäri maailman
00:00 احتمال وقوع سیل در استان بوشهر/ تیم‌های مدیریت بحران آماده باشند
00:00 Billy Graham to be laid to rest March 2, says family
00:00 Manitoba RCMP respond after student posts photo with a firearm 
00:00 PF deflagra Operação Integração, primeira Lava Jato de 2018
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00:00 Ofcom raps Talking Pictures TV for derogatory slur 
00:00 Приморье стало лидером ДФО по числу экономических преступлений
00:00 Ketua MPR Minta Polisi Segera Tuntaskan Kasus Novel

Horses injured, killed in fast-moving Calif. wildfire

By 4 a.m. Tuesday, Virginia Padilla's ranch was in the direct path of the fast-moving Creek Fire in Southern California. Padilla and her family in Tujunga awakened to thick smoke and bright orange flames. Fire officials alerted them to evacuate.

The family packed up some belongings and rushed away from the flames, leaving over 60 horses locked inside stables at the ranch behind. Los Angeles Animal Control workers sprung into action, managing to successfully lead 15 of the animals to safety.

But when Padilla returned to Rancho Padilla after the danger passed, she found a devastating sight — the charred carcasses of dozens of horses, trapped in their stalls.

"It's awful. There's no words to explain it," Padilla told CBS Los Angeles.

Southern California Wildfires Forces Thousands to Evacuate

Horses died in their stalls at Rancho Padilla near Sylmar, California, when the Creek Fire roared through on Dec. 6, 2017.

David McNew / Getty Images

Padilla did not confirm the condition of the other 45-plus horses that were being boarded at the ranch to CBS Los Angeles. But her younger sister, Patricia, told the Los Angeles Times Wednesday there were at least 29 dead.

"All I could think about was the horses, the horses, the horses. And they were like, 'Get out, get out, get out,' " said Patricia told the newspaper. "The structures can get rebuilt, but the lives of the horses can't. ... That's my biggest heartbreak."

Many of the horses that survived suffered serious burns, like Padilla's 7-year-old Ruben. The horse was burned over 65 percent of his body, but he is expected to recover.


Los Angeles Animal Control workers tend to a horse injured in the California wildfires.

Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control

"I'm very fortunate he's alive … because, I mean so many people have lost their horses. … I feel for those people, to be honest," Padilla told CBS Los Angeles.

Over 200 horses and other animals in the path of the Creek Fire were taken to Pierce College in Los Angeles, where veterinarians are providing care and treatment. On Tuesday night, Los Angeles Animal Control announced Pierce College was at capacity.

"The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) has been working around the clock to rescue animals and provide safe sheltering for animals as a result of the active fires that have affected thousands of Los Angeles County residents," the agency posted in an update on Facebook Wednesday.

With the help of several volunteers — including a CBS Los Angeles reporter and cameraman — 150 horses at a nearby ranch in Sunland escaped the same fate.

As the Creek Fire engulfed the stables at Gibson Ranch on Wednesday, people scrambled to lead the horses out of danger, and none suffered any injuries.

However, the owner, Dale Gibson, lost almost everything he built.

"It's been crazy and painful," Gibson told CBS Los Angeles. "I don't know, don't know if I … everybody says rebuild. We've done a lot of stuff here, a lot of charity stuff. There's 19 years of work here."