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House Democratic Campaign Chief Maloney Indicted for Fundraising

Campaign finance is a double-edged sword as Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is fighting for his political life against the left-leaningSenator Alessandra Biaggiwho denounces him. became a sword. Deploying "deceptive" fundraising tactics ahead of the Aug. 23 primary.

"Maloney is seeking funds to help the Democrats beat Trump. But the link goes to his own fundraising page for his primary against me." Biaggi, tweeted Tuesday night, in a torrent of texts sent Tuesday night by the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Maloney's spokeswoman Mia Ehrenberg said the fundraiser was for the November midterm elections, not for the primaries, before accusing Biaggi of breaking with the Albany Democrats on an important issue. replied by claiming that it belonged to

"Rep. Maloney raised millions of dollars for Democrats across the country, and from his campaign he donated nearly $1 million directly to the DCCC," Ehrenberg said. Told.

The fraudulent fundraising email from my opponent, Sean Patrick Maloney, is exactly the problem with the Democratic Party.

Maloney is asking for money to help the Democrats beat Trump — but the link goes to his own fundraising page for his primary against me.pic.

— Alessandra Biaggi (@Biaggi4NY) Aug 16, 2022
A fundraising pitch sent by Rep Sean Patrick Maloney
Senator Biaggi claims Maloney's fundraising pitch is misleading.

"This is a pathetic attempt by Biaggi to distract from her history of attacking and undermining our party.Republicans in the State Senatefrom voting against education funding to hurting her by opposing funding for education.No more having children. You can't,' she added. } follows Biaggi's accusations of Maloney for his role in the controversial Democratic tactic of running races across the country, based on the theory that these candidates would easily lose the general election. going.

"Alessandra Biaggi has taken a pledge not to accept corporate PAC donations, but Sean Patrick Maloney has refused this pledge," said Biaggi's campaign manager. Anna Hall told the Post on Wednesday. } Maloney has made several moves in recent months after the Post revealedlast monththat he used campaign funds to help a "body man" move out of Florida before temporarily living with Maloney. For weeks, it has been frowned upon among ethics experts. his husband and children.

Meanwhile, records show Biaggi from wealthy donors such as Evan and Tracy Segal, as well as philanthropists who donated her $70,000 to her campaign, and leftists such as Congressman Jamal Bowman. I am receiving money.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Former hedge fund his leader Harry Brandler and wife Irina have donated an additional $17,250 to Biaggi in recent years.

"Senator Biaggi's hypocrisy knows no bounds," Ehrenberg said Wednesday.