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How Cool Brooklyn Outposts Can Determine New York's Hottest Parliamentary Primary Association

Districts show different sections of the city. There is a crowd of luxury condos in Tribeca, the multi-ethnic Lower East Side and Chinatown in Manhattan. Beyond the East River, this area of ​​Brooklyn contains Red Hook's largest public housing development, a significant Latin and East Asian population at Sunset Park. Part of the Orthodox Jewish excursion in Bara Park.

However, nearly 60 percent of the voters in the new seats are white. And many of them live in the millions of dollars of brownstone in the Brooklyn area, such as Brooklyn Heights, Boa Lamb Hill, and Park Slope.

They are educated and rich — a powerful mixture that gives them the luxury of being more politically involved than the average district voter. In fact, the intense, sometimes deaf public involvement of the region's crispy brands (for example, Hollywood celebritieswho snuggle up to Whole Foodsthrough a broken electric car charging station) was born. I did. The phrase "Peak Park Slope".

In the final midterm elections of 2018, POLITICO analysis of the total number of votes cast by the city's Election Commission shows that voters in these areas are far more numerous than in other areas that will be in District 10. Won the vote. Geographical information from the CUNY Graduate Centerand the City Planning Bureau.

And in the 2018 Governor's primary, one of the brownstone Brooklyn constituencies recorded 660 votes. This is more than three times the average for that race. By comparison, less than 100 people stopped by ballot boxes in the constituencies of Brooklyn and other parts of Manhattan.

Unknown primary

The August primary represents an unknown primary in New York. One campaign strategist argued that turnout would be higher than in the worst-case scenario because of the caustic federal politics caused by the recent Supreme Court ruling. Voters may also be energized by a much more interesting race than Governor Kathy Hochul taking a leisurely walk for victory in the June Democratic primary.

However, the villa said in an August poll that many wealthy New Yorkers fled to the villa, not even areas with high turnout would appear.

“Traditionally high turnout areas are a bit wealthier and more likely to be outside the town,” said the campaign advisor. "There are many things to understand and try to avoid with such a competitive primary."

But with such historically strong turnout, almost every way to victory. Go through at least part of the voter-rich brownstone Brooklyn. However, with 15 candidates competing in the race and a short period before the August 23 primary, the coalition's victory could take many forms.

"If the majority of [Brownstone Brooklyn] votes lag behind one candidate, that candidate will have a great advantage," Phelps&. Bruce Jolly, senior political adviser to Philips Law Firm Manat, said. .. "But if the community divides its support relatively evenly, the race may be decided by voters in other parts of the district."

Candidates with home field advantage , I believe we have the upper hand.

The Bailiwick of Congressman Joe Anne Simon, wearing a race hat, is almost entirely within the larger District 10. In addition, almost one-third of the registered voters in District 10 and half of the Brooklyn voters in that district are her voters.

"Being someone in the community who understands the problems and solves them creates both name recognition and voter trust," said Leah Haberman, Simon's Director of Communications. It is stated in. "You need both to win."

De Blasio also represented the area before he was in the city hall and was the first to sit on the Park Slope school board before serving eight years in the city council. Won. De Blasio's campaign strategist, who is not allowed to speak on record, said that the former mayor, along with his previous work, reminded voters of key achievements in the city hall, such as the Universal Pre-Kindergarten. At a local office he said he was aiming to win more than one of his old districts. He also aims to build support from that base elsewhere in the district, for example, black voters in Redhook.

Former Parliamentarian Elizabeth Holtzmann also represented a large area of ​​the autonomous region for eight years from 1972, before serving as district attorney and city auditor.

However, the brownstone Brooklyn plunder is not guaranteed, even for those who have history there. For example, De Blasio is widely known.

Eight years after taking command of the city government, it is still unknown how voters will accept him. The number of votesofindicates weak motivation for future elections. AndSimon won only 44% of his districtin the first round of ranked votes in Brooklyn Mayor last year's race, with about 34% in a progressive group. I went to the boosted Antonio Rey Noso. He continued to win the race.

Approval is a key factor

With so many candidates running, approval plays a more important role than a less crowded contest. There is a possibility.

For the upcoming parliamentary race, Reynoso is already in favor of Karina Rivera, a member of the Manhattan Council.

The district of Rivera is home to economically and racially diverse voters. She wants to beat other regions with similar demographics while uniting 13% of Latin voters from places like her backyard and sunset park. The campaign wants to combine that foundation with some of the liberal votes from the brownstone Brooklyn. Her strategist believes that this is too broken to bring a decisive advantage to one candidate.

Rivera has also won the support of Congressman Nydia Velázquez, who represented most of the new districts such as Manhattan's Lower East Side, Sunset Park, Red Hook and Brooklyn. increase. Heights.

"There is a clear path to victory through the South Slope, which the Council District, Sunset Park, Velázquez and Reynoso have historically cleared up," said campaign adviser Alyssa Cass. ..

Manhattan Parliamentarian Yuh-Line Niou — on behalf of the financial district, Chinatown, parts of the Lower East Side, within the boundaries of a completely new parliament — is a party of working families and others. Has the support of a progressive organization. Includes the New York community for change.

Support from the New York Times and Daily News is also crucial in the race, especially for Brooklyn voters in brownstone, as it helped vault candidate Kathryn Garcia take the lead in last year's mayoral contest. It may prove to be. ..

The lower the turnout, the more important these verifications are.

According to Rivera's campaign, more than 100,000 voters in the current District 10 ran for the 2018 midterm elections and the 2021 mayor primary. An unrelated election expertrecently told The New York Timesthat 70,000 to 90,000 of the 776,000 voters in the district are expected to vote.

No one is likely to win a majority of votes, and in such a crowded area, according to political adviser Gyory, the winner can be determined for a much smaller amount.

"If Dr. Faust came out of literature to guarantee you 26,27 percent of the votes, I think you might get some supporters," he said. Said.