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How Bill de Blasio's prison bed cuts connect Eric Adams' hands and exacerbate crime

Mayor Eric Adams was elected with the authority to prevent New York from returning to the "ungovernable city" that once suffered from crime. , Crime continues to increase. This year has so far increased by 38% across the city compared to last year. Beyond the "Burning Reform"and other dire Bildebrasio era policies, join Adams' hands and make the situation worseA simple indicator from the former mayor of a prison bed There is one. ..

As a prison facility for the city's court system,Rikeris overcrowded,aging and dangerous. Therefore, the people of de Blasio chose to close it and expand the prison population throughout the city's autonomous district, near the courts.

This has several benefits. Due to the remote location of the Rikers, it would transport prisoners and bring the tedious and costly process to court. However, the administration usually ignored the impact on the population and developed the plan, instead focusing on the "treatment program" of the new facility designed to promote the "happiness" of the inmates.

The results were predictable. In towns already facing deteriorating street conditions and other problems, the plan was hit by understandable ground-level resistance. So Team de Blasio added "sweetener". It is funding local community entities and reducing total beds.

Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.
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There is friction and there are metrics. When the Debrusio administration was inaugurated at the end of 2013, New York had a record low number of crimes (the annual number of murders for the first time in decades was less than 400), with a total population of about 11,700. did.  

Next, a "reimagination" of the public safety of Albany and Debrasio took place. Legislative initiatives such as "reform" of bailout, "reform" of discovery, getting older and less, and criminally vulnerable prosecutors and judges have led to a significant reduction in the crimes that resulted in imprisonment.

As a result, crime has skyrocketed and Riker's population has been cut in half to about 5,400. In autonomous district-based prison plans, the total capacity of prisoners is small. .. .. 3,300.

Rikers Island
Prison facilities on Ryker's Island are suffering from overcrowding.

You have read that right. The previous administration has donated Adams withfuture beds, almost 40% less than the current. This justified this by claiming to reflect "the reality that both historical crime rates and the urge to imprison the road to public safety continue to decline."

Unfortunately, the data and conditions on the streets are incorrect, and reducing the city's prison population by another 40% encourages Adams' view of "public safety as a prerequisite for prosperity." It doesn't seem to be something to do.

Even more alarming, limiting the future inmate population makes no attempt by the mayor to reform the "reform" that drives these conditions. It doesn't matter if Adams gets some of his wishlist items from Albany. There is just no place to put the perpetrators. Then why bother? Thanks to the previous administration, a permanent embrace of communist criminals has been burned. As the

postreported, the new Queens prison is already up. In Manhattan and Brooklyn, construction sites were recently fenced for construction. Autonomous region-based plans are clearly moving forward, which almost all produces loyal obedience.

And, thanks to simple mathematics, prison planning means that cities can literally besafer than they are today.

The city is running fast. Safe streets slowly and gradually lead to new businesses, arrivals and tax revenues. However, the momentum of the negativeofquickly deteriorates. The atmosphere of NYC these days is fragile. There are cheerleaders in the government and the media, but residents are becoming more and more anxious. Summer dog days, where crime has traditionally surged, are near us. The need for peace of mind is a reality for a safer and more concrete vision of New York.

Rikers island
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Autonomous Region-based prison system is now fully functional in the mid-term It's a schedule. -2027. The possibility that New York will solve the criminal problem before that does not stimulate optimism. The construction of the prison is already underway and it is time to truly determine the future safety of New York. Mayor Adams: What do you choose?

Former NYPD inspector Paul Mauro is an advisor to the Demarco Act.