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How Netflix's 'I Just Killed My Dad' DNA Expert Reunited Families - Starting With Herself

Private investigator and up-and-coming DNA influencer Shayna Landry has identified Louisiana teenager Anthony Templet as a suspect in a 17-year-old shooting. Later saved from life imprisonment. After killing her father, her die-hard investigator had one hell of an exercise to find her own biological father.

Her 35-year-old Landry says she will never solve a case until it's done,Netflix new documentary "I Just Killed My Dad". Twelve years after she was kidnapped from her home in Houston, Texas, she tracked down Teresa Thompson, her biological mother at Templet.

Teresa's landmark revelation helped shed light on the years of abuse Anthony endured by her father, leading to her fateful night in 2019. rice field. Anthony grabbed her two guns to defend herself and shot her father Bart in the head and torso before making her call. 911.

Portrait of Shayna Landry outside.
Leslie Pendleton

Since the documentary aired on August 9, fans have Landry's has been flooded with DMs hoping to help find missing loved ones or solve unsolved family mysteries. 

"I It felt like just a moment in the show, but I've been contacted by phone calls, text messages, and emails—hundreds of emails in the past week.” Baton Rouge Civil Engineering by day. A licensed PI told The Post in his free time.

A story of amazing discoveries began by accident. Landry's husband knew a woman named Elena Fennell who happened to say that her colleague Anthony was being charged with murder. But something about it just didn't suit her.

"Elena said Anthony didn't know who his mother was. He had no memory of her. He never saw his birth certificate." His Social Security card was printed the day before he submitted his work application,” says Landry.

The Missing Boy flyer Shayna sent to the police after connecting with Anthony's biological mother, Teresa Thompson, and half-sister Netasha.
Shayna Landry

First, Anthony is illiterate and never learned. was. Meaning of "high touch".

She disappeared without a trace

She entered her Burt name and "Louisiana" into a background check system called BeenVerified. That's how she found Anthony's biological mother, Teresa Thompson, who had filed a domestic violence complaint against Bart. , I realized that Bart hurt Anthony's mom at the same time she was pregnant," Landry said. 

She could not find contact information for Teresa, but her daughter Netasha, who turned out to be Anthony's half-sister, her Thompson. was able to pinpoint. Due to the peculiar spelling of her Netasha name, Landry found her on her Facebook and noticed that her face bore a striking resemblance to Anthony's. She sent her a message on her Facebook on June 17, 2019. I swear I won't ask if it's unimportant," Landry wrote in a message shared with The Post. 

"[Netasha and Teresa] called me days later. [Teresa] ``Is he dead? He let me know and sent me the missing flyer."

The flyer obtained by The Post has a picture of Anthony as a baby, Burt's red 2000 Chevrolet Silverado, and a license plate number. had been published. Moments after hanging up with Teresa and Netasha, Landry East calls her Rouge parish sheriff's office and informs the homicide detectives. She then took to Facebook to tell everyone she could.

Netasha also shared on her social media that after more than a decade, her brother had been found. .

Anthony's half-sister Netasha shared a heartfelt message thanking Landry for finding Anthony.
Shannon Landry Courtesy

Father,” Netasha said on June 21, 2019, at her On Facebook, Landry posted a screenshot shared. "My brave brother had to defend himself one last time from that evil man," she added, thanking Landry for taking the chance, "just with my Facebook photo."

Near Home

Since 2016, Landry, as she calls it, has solved hundreds of DNA mysteries.

"My success rate, I would say 100%, is that we currently have open cases that are stuck due to lack of information," she said, adding, "If you take a case, , I will commit until I close it."

While Anthony's case was ongoing, Landry continued to help other loved ones reunite. Last June, she helped reunite with a Boston woman looking for her father, whom she found in California.

"I took her DNA and had an answer within a week," Landry said.

In January she helped another woman find her father in Mississippi. Inspired by her series of documentaries, Landry created her website to allow people to submit details about their missing relatives.

Up until this point, Landry was offering the service for free. Currently, she offers packages starting at her $300.

"People say, 'You were in a documentary and it was like you were talking to me.' I can empathize with them.

Chasing Dad

Mother Lori She said she did not know the identity of her father.

She named Landry after her college boyfriend, but when her mother became pregnant, he said, "I don't believe he is my father." I did," Landry said.

"In the end, he was right."

Shayna Landry, who worked to find her biological father and then ended up solving another mystery.
Leslie Pendleton

Landry took her DNA test in 2016 from her 

She learned that her biological father was of Italian descent, and she was able to locate the obituary of her paternal grandmother, whose married name was Segreto.

"They had two sons of hers. I said one of them must be him," Landry told The Post.

She focused on John Segreto, who lives in New Orleans. It was after he discovered on her Facebook a public photo of her 1985 Prince concert ticket at the Superdome, just two years before she was born. Tip. A commenter recalling the weather conditions on her mother's college, Southeastern, drive from the University of Louisiana. Landry tracked down his number.

John Segreto (left), Landry's biological father. She discovered his Facebook in 2016 after finding distant relatives from an DNA test.
Shayna Her laundry

took me a while to figure out at first, I remembered that her mother was a track runner with blonde hair and blue eyes. "I remember your mother 100%," he said. He didn't know she was pregnant," Landry said of Segreto, who was 52 at the time. I was. 

"He said, 'Looks like he just spit it out. There's no question. Then one day he stopped answering her messages...She later found out that he died suddenly. 

Landry found her biological father's Facebook page. Though he didn't have any photos of himself, she found a photo of a Prince ticket dated two years before she was born with a comment from someone confirming the college his mother attended with him.
Shayna Landry Courtesy

"He had a heart attack on Thanksgiving night," Landry recalled. She drove to New Orleans to say goodbye.

"I was in the same room as him, but we never met," she said. Shortly after, she pulled out the final piece of her puzzle while rummaging through boxes at her father's house. It was her birthday card signed by her mother 39 weeks before Landry was born.

Solving a mystery case in her own family helped others, she said. I found a way to connect the dots, and that was my way of healing," Landry said. "Everybody deserves an answer."