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How Westworld Season 4 Premiere Reunites Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden

Westworldis a show full of twists and turns, turns and resurrections. Almost all the protagonists were originally the theme park hosts, and we've seen the characters come back from death many times, as copies of the real people continue to be made. WestworldHBO's Season 4 is no exception. Both Evan Rachel WoodandJames Marsdenreturn to the castWestworlddespite the character's death. But how.

Set about 7 years after the Season 3 event,WestworldSeason 4 introduces a new character played by Evan Rachel Wood, the human freedom fighter Caleb (Aaron Paul). Catch up with. , And reunite us with our beloved Wale Mave (Thandiwe Newton). It's clear that the black man (Ed Harris) has a new malicious plan, but perhaps the biggest mystery is that Evan Rachel Wood has died now that his former host character, Dolores Abernathy, has died. Who is playing?

WestworldSeason 4 premiere follows this new character throughout the miserable days of her life, with the familiar hero this new heroine is looking for her Make it clear that you are. WestworldSeason 4 Episode 1 provides former star James Marsden with a plunge-worthy entrance with an instrumental Lana Del Rey cover.

So,WestworldWhat do you know about Evan Rachel Wood's new character in Season 4 so far? How did James Marsden return toWestworld? Video games ".

Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld Season 4
Photo: HBO

WestworldEvan Rachel Wood playing in Season 4 Who?

Dolores is dead. Christina lives long.

As you remember, Dolores Avanacy was not only killed, butWestworldCompletely lost consciousness at the end of Season 3, but this isWestworld, and the host body can be copied, Evan Rachel Wood as "Christina" i'm back.

Christina is a sweet and shy woman who works as an Olympiad entertainment writer. She especially writes NPC stories in games created by Olympiad. Christina wants to write her cozy story about her affectionate father and a young woman with a happy ending, but her boss turns her to the dark side of her life. I want to change.

But not everything is right in her world of Christina. She suffers from a stalker who blames her for ruining his life. The behavior of this man reflects the behavior of the NPC character Christina created for her work. He attacks Christina and almost kills her, but she is saved by a mysterious man. Then the stalker in question, Peter, jumps off the roof.

There are many Easter eggs related to Christina's WorldWestworld. (Well, she seems to be named after. Andrew Wyeth's painting had a big atmosphere of Dolores Abernathy.) Early in the episode, he was an Oscar winner. Christina's roommate, played by Tony's host Ariana DeBose, tells her that Westworld guests choose between white and black shoes, reflecting the choice of becoming a white or black hat in the park. Please help me. Someone knocked over the vegetation on the balcony in the middle of the episode, revealing the show's iconic maze pattern. And, of course, after all, Christina's noble guardian is played by none other than James Marsden ...

James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood in Season 1 of Westworld.
Photo: HBO

How James Marsden returned to Westworld

James Marsden committed suicide at the end of Season 2Westworld {75 I couldn't see it in. Dolores reprogrammed her loved one to become a vicious attack dog for her violent causes, and Teddy trapped under her tweaks horrified what happened to them. did. So how didWestworldbring him back?

Well, like the origin of Christina, it's still very airy. But we know that everyone Marsden is playing is as devoted to Christina as Teddy was once in Dolores.

WestworldThe end of Season 4 Episode 1 "The Augusties" reveals that the mysterious man who came to help Christina is James Marsden. Christina sadly wants a story of a happy ending from a balcony in New York and a lively arrangement of Ramin Djawadi in Lana Del Rey's "video game," but the camera has a Marsden character watching Christina from below. Is revealed.

You need to see if Christina and this new character directly fit the tragic pattern of Dolores and Teddy, or if these new iterations of these host bodies have a happy ending. ..

Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld Season 4
Photo: HBO

WestworldWhat was the last song of the Season 4 premiere? Lana Del Rey's "Video Game".

That's right. yes.WestworldSeason 4 ends with a symphonic cover of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games." The title is a cheeky nod to Christina's work, and the melody and lyrics are the most romantic, so this song is perfect for this moment. It dominated honestly.