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How to unleash Kondo and live in the best of bliss

Yes, we also regret it.

Marie Kondo's prisoners take on the minimalism that spreads like a scorching wildfire that was scattered in New Yorker's house a few years ago. "Does it cause joy?" The question we asked was, "So which subway line isn't working today?"

"Most of it was about the need to control the environment, the idea that there might be a way to some sort of smooth existence," said Tipper Studio designer Chris Stevens. I am very sensitive to this. Please, we are always doing 15 things at a time.

But now interior design has stripped away these minimalist shackles. Thanks to trends such as heavy clutter cores and comfortable and overloaded coastal grandmas.

Simply put, extremum has revived.

Kondo's former disciples are having second thoughts.
Adam Rose / Netflix

I've been working at home all the time and Marie Kondo is everything I saw the character removed, "explained breakout TikTok interior designer and" more and more "champion Huey Long.

"They are always there, so I want to add things to my space. People think that organizing is an important goal of your home, but it's decoration. Must be done in parallel, "Long said.

Of course, as a result, the makeover inspired by Kondo in your home turned into an interior design answer to the ink of drunken playing card stamps. It's a regrettable choice, it's done in a hurry, and it looks irreversible. 

But don't worry if you're stuck in a similarly cluttered and unpleasant empty house.

Interior of Chris Stevens on a couch.
Manuel Rodriguez

New York-based interior talent, some solutions there is. Among them, he is the champion of the greatest principle without being shy. Think of their advice as a decorative answer that lasers erase the bad decisions of midnight.

"Marie Kondo was to cleanse herself," said Martin Bourdonitzki, a fascinating designer who worked on interiors such as Kane Mare and The Beekman Hotel. "So, to fix it, start with the walls and see what you do with them. We need light in every room, so hang some mirrors — small but fine. You can also — then put some light, wall-mounted candlesticks, or standard lamps in front of them. ”

They sparkle, sparkle, energy into the interior without effort. And add interest.

Side by side of Martin Brudnizki and Marie Kondo
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The rest of the wall is the studio Katikartis, the origin of the name. Filling with is called "Beauty Riot". This is the wall of the salon of art, where the work competes for space, is crowded and provides the perfect color clash.

"It tells people who you were, where you were, and what's important to you. I know people are afraid to do it, but to be honest. There is no mistake, "he said.

According to Curtis, storage will be on display with additional modifications. Think of a coat rack by the door, rather than a closet that hides all jackets and scarves.

The same is true in the kitchen. Remove the doors to display the plates and bowls, with them facing up and standing on an outward-facing rack. This makes it more decorative and easier to access.

Also forget about the appliance garage. Curtis points out, for example, the coveted and valuable collaboration between Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana in small appliances. Buy a gorgeous toaster and keep it on the counter — useful for decoration.

Hopefully Kondo's rules wouldn't dump all the delighted items.

"Kondo tells you to put things in the box inside the box, but he can never find things like that," Curtis added.

"Kondo tells you to put things in the box inside the box, but you can never find things like that."

Katie Curtis, Designer

And if you were actually hiding things in the storage box, now is the time to search for some options. Fill one or two surfaces with them: a table, perhaps, or a shelf. The key to arranging this display is the theme. Think of ideas and concepts that connect all the items on display.

"They are all related to each other. You don't have to explain what it is because it needs to be clear," said interior designer John Berman.

Brudnizki says it more simply — think of yourself as a realtor who will show you the space later.

"Can you tell a story as you roam the space with people? Imagine," he said.

Interior of a room by John Barman.
Anastassios Mentis
Interior of a living room with bookshelves and a fireplace.
Manuel Rodriguez

If you have any doubts about your Doudad, lean on an oversized vase or something.

"Unless you really are on it, it will fly away from you, so don't go too far into the little little things," Stevens said.

Long provides a simple formula to prevent the shelves from filling up too much. Books occupy 60% of the space, ornaments occupy 30%, and 10% should be kept empty.

"I don't feel like I can breathe without a little open space," he said.

Interior of a light-filled living room.
Joseph Barajas&Huey Long
A mirrored wall interior shot.
Joseph Barajas & Hugh Long

But what if you junk all your precious collections to the madness inspired by Marie?

The easiest and cheapest way to replenish is to travel to a local antique mall or junk store. According to Long, sifting the inventory there will allow you to wholesale the collections that someone else has already collected and can adopt.

"You seem to have done it over time, but in reality someone else is doing it over time — and for you. Buy a random junk It can make you look like you live in a storage unit just by doing it. "

Long also said that if you change the way you shop, your house will be cluttered when you unravel Kondo. Says it's easy to avoid becoming. Instead, practice getting it carefully. If you're browsing online, keep using Etsy and more, but never buy a new one from your computer. If you have to get up and go to a physical store, it's an effort, a gesture, a quest, and you can prevent overbuying.

"The essence of this is that people spend so much time at home and they see it very differently. Living in white blood cells. You wouldn't want to. "

Martin Brudnizki

Kondo famously educated her groupie that more than 30 books were redundant. However, these designers rejected the idea as a buncam. It's time to stack the shelves again or fill the floor.

"Your bookshelf should explode, but there are a lot of books in my house and they will be side tables," Stevens said.

Stacked high coffee table books will be the actual table used by guests — only coasters — and flick one or two titles when intriguing To do. For hardcovers, consider removing the paper jacket, which can be worn or faded.

"Once you do that, everything will be cleaned up and the books will be beautiful to display," Curtis said.

Whatever you do, forget about the sneaky rules of Kondo-inspired, less, more, or worse. It's okay to wrap yourself in something beautiful.

"The essence of this is that people spend so much time at home and they see it very differently," Brudnizki shrugged. ..