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How to fight the Mexican and Chinese fentanyl cartels pushing the biggest money-laundering scheme in history

National Fentanyl Prevention Across the Nation & It's worth noting that more than 100,000 Americans died from drug-related deaths last year alone on Sunday, which marked National Awareness Day. . Fentanyl, his 50 times more potent opioid analogue of heroin.

When the five-year death toll from fentanyl reached levels last seen in a world war, the U.S. A WAR MUST BE STARTED Cartels manufacture and trafficdrugs and work with Chinese organized crime syndicate partners. Victims deserve action to put the cartels and triads out of business once and for all.

Drug Enforcement Officer Ann Milgram explains: We are finding these deadly drugs in every state. In cities, suburbs, rural areas and communities across the country.

Fentanyl deaths in the United States have spiraled out of control.
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Mexican cartels, especially Sinaloa and Jalisco has partnered with the Triad of China to transport fentanyl precursors from China to Mexico, where the lethal substances are manufactured, often with the help of Chinese chemists.Fentanyl Filled pills (everything from counterfeit oxycodone to Aleve) and drugs like heroin and methamphetamine are secreted in the US and Canada and distributed on the streets.

Then the money is laundered. One of his biggest money laundering schemes involves a student from China who is here on an educational visa. According to the DEA, thousands of students are getting drug money. They bring Samsonite cash to Chinese money brokers operating in restaurants, travel agencies and other outlets.

A portion of the profits are then transferred from his WeChat to the cartels and triads via Chinese banks. Other funds are put into casinos by Chinese gamblers who buy chips and exchange them for bank checks. The remainder is split between U.S. real estate (part of black market investment schemes to extract gold from China) and illegal marijuana cultivation, particularly illegal marijuana cultivation (which undermineslegalweed production and sales). Money is laundered into business.

An officer from the US Customs and Border Protection, Trade and Cargo Division finds Oxycodon pills in a parcel at John F. Kennedy Airport's US Postal Service facility
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It is huge and constitutes the largest money laundering scheme in world history. Billions of drug profits are being invested away from the crest of the death wave committed by China and Mexico.

Why the Biden Department of Justice did not make prosecuting this conspiracy a top priority is a mystery. Laws like RICO are tailor-made to enforce the cartels and criminal gangs at the center of this nightmare, colluding banks, communication and payment instruments like WeChat and SnapChat, Chinese money brokers and students. .

Additionally, you can hunt down and arrest kingpins operating in Mexico and Asia. In fact, one of the biggest players in China's organized crime in North America and Asia, his Canada-based Tse Chi Lop (a.k.a. "El Chapo of Asia"), was announced in January in the United States, Australia and the Netherlands. arrested in a joint operation. His extradition from the Netherlands to Australia is pending. If Tse cooperates, the entire criminal enterprise could be exposed and put down.

Photos of Americans who died from a fentanyl overdose are displayed at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) headquarters in Arlington, Virginia
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Suspected Sam Gor drug syndicate kingpin Tse Chi Lop is pictured in this undated handout
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In addition to having DOJ do its job and prosecute, a valuable (albeit less diplomatic) too) I have an idea. Immediately, permanently and without exception, revoke the visas of all Chinese “students” who finance drug cartels. And sanction Chinese companies involved in the illegal export of fentanyl precursors and financial players involved in cartel money laundering.

Finally, the hundreds of thousands of American families who lost loved ones to synthetic opioids should be allowed to sue the Chinese government to obtain financial revenge for their horrific personal injury.

China is waging an anti-opium war against the West, with American society as its primary target. Defeating China in that war will not be easy, but it is far better to try than to do nothing seriously and accept the deaths of 100,000 children each year.

David Asher, a former senior State Department official, is a senior researcher at the Hudson Institute. Jaime Puerta leads victims of illegal drugs. He lost his only son, Daniel, to fentanyl poisoning in 2020.