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Howard Stern slid about his secret next movie — and it's shocking

Howard Stern isn't too excited about the potential for summer work.

The controversial radio personality may have slipped him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the "Doctor Doom" movie.

During a commercial for the Sirius XM show on Thursday, the 68-year-old left the mic on while talking to producer Gary Dell’Abate about the possibility of booking the show.

It's hard to hear ads playing in conversation, but Stern tells producers that he won't be able to talk much in the coming months and tells co-host Robin Kivers about his plans for the summer. I urge you to ask.

"Well, I'm going to do" Doctor Doom "," Sternsaid in a voice recorded by TMZ. "But believe me, I'm miserable about it."

Stern contacted the MCU veterinarian and Robert Downey Jr. of "Iron Man" himself for acting tips. Then asked if Dell'Abate could provide contact information for director Jon Favreau.

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Marvel plans future projects surrounding the scientist "Doctor Doom" Not announced. Among other abilities, those who can manipulate the energywith.

The post asks Marvel and Stern representatives for comment.

Stern may not be very enthusiastic about the mystery project, as he is focused on the 2024 presidential election. After the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case, Stern said at his show Monday that he ran for Presidentand he wanted Presidentto "overturn all this bullishness." Stated.

Stern explained that he wanted to take quicker action to stabilize the Supreme Court.

"The other is that if I run for president and I'm not around, I'm really thinking about it, because the other things I'm trying to do are appointed Because it's all about doing, five more Supreme Court judges, "he continued.

"I'm not afraid to do that. As soon as I become president, I'll have five new Supreme Court judges who will overturn all this bullishness," Howard said. The host of "The Stern Show" pointed out.

Comedians also said they would consider running for president in 2024 only if former president Donald Trump was a Republican candidate.

"I will beat his ass," he asserted.

He is even reported to have a running companion, even: Bradley Cooper.

"This guy will bring you an incredible female vote," Stern told the quiver on Wednesday.

When Stern ran for the Governor of New York as a libertarian in 1994, he was immersed in a political pool. However, he dropped out because he was required to reveal his personal finances.

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