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Hundreds of people evacuate when wildfires spread to the mountains of California

The 2022 wildfire season is booming

Jackson, CA — Fireworks and barbecue sparks on July 4 in a remote California community near thewildfireon Tuesday. Evacuation orders that may have been scattered have been expanded. The mountainous area, which is the best tourist destination.

 The Sierra Nevada Gold Country Electra fire broke out on Monday afternoon, trebling in size to about 6.1 square miles. Tuesday night included 5%.

 The fire was short and ran uphill, fire officials said.

 "Diffusion rates weren't like yesterday, but they're still widespread," said Gary Redman, Sheriff of Amador County. He said firefighters are working to trap the flames in the less populated canyon area.

California Wildfires
Firefighters keep Electra's fire out of reach of the Pine Acres community homes in Amador County, California. Burn. July 5, 2022.Noah Burger / AP

The combination of forced evacuation orders and warnings affects up to 700 people in Amador County and 300-400 in Calaveras County. I gave it. Redman said. The sheriff's office shared a map showing the evacuation area online, and shelters were set up for people and animals in the affected areas.

The fire began in a crowded recreation area, forcing 85 to 100 people to evacuate to Pacific Gas&Electric Co.'s facility to celebrate a holiday on the river, Redman said. .. After that, everyone evacuated safely.

 "This was the closest place I've ever been to a fire. It was literally at our feet," she went to the river with her husband for five years. Said Milkamikura of the Valley Springs. -Her old daughter and her 1 year old son.

 She told KCRA-TV that she had to wait about six hours before she finally got home.

 "I wanted to go home. I wanted to get out of there with my baby. I was trembling really badly for quite some time," Mikura said.

Califorrnia Wildfires
Karin Larson is burning an Electra fire towards her home in the Pine Acres community in Amador County, California. Sometimes I see flame retardants in air tankers. .. , July 5, 2022.Noah Burger / AP

Redman, the cause of the fire is unknown, but the North Fork Mokelmune River. He said it could suggest fireworks and barbecues as potential causes.

  More than 100 fire trucks, 1,200 firefighters and 14 helicopters were sent to the fire. This was a threat to the power infrastructure, said the California Forest Fire Department. The terrain was described as steep and steep.

  Cal Fire has activated a fire incident management team. The team "is made up of trained personnel who provide operational management and support for large and expanding incidents," CalFire said.

APTOPIX California Wildfires
Firefighters will fight an Electra fire on July 4, 2022 in the Rich Gulch community in Calaveras County, California. Noah Burger / AP

One firefighter from a local fire protection area was burned, Redman said.

  Vox Beach is about 55 miles east of Sacramento in the heart of the Sierra Nevada region, infused with the history of the mid-1800s gold rush.

 Several other small fires were burning in the state.

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