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Husband says wife of doctor accused of poisoning has history of abusing him, 2 kids: court documents

The Californian dermatologist who allegedly poisoned her doctor husbandhas a long history of abusing him and his two children. was. Die," her estranged spouse insisted.

Jack Chen went to court Friday seeking a restraining order against his wife Yue "Emily" Yu, outlining a long list of alleged harassment He is also seeking a divorce after 10 years of marriage.

"When Emily gets frustrated and yells at her children, she usually uses the Chinese word for 'die'. She also told her children, "There's a problem with your head." In court documents obtained by The Post, Chen wrote, "Fuck yourself," "Stupid," "Stupid idiot," and "Don't get in my way."

Yu was arrested Thursday after she was accused of repeatedly trying to poison her husband's hot lemonade with Drano. According to court documents, Chen apparently used a nanny cam to catch Yu on video.

Snapshots are from video footage collected by husband Jack Chen, who set up a nanny cam in the kitchen that captured Yu allegedly putting Drano in his drink at least three times in July
Snapshots of her video footage were collected by her husband Jack She Chen. He set up a babysitter girlfriend camera in the kitchen and caught Yu at least putting Drano in a drink. 3 times in July.

Although no charges have yet been filed in the case, Chen has been given a temporary restraining order against his wife. 

Chen, a radiologist, said he met his wife in 2011 and married on July 4, 2012. He said. Yu's mother, her Yuqin “Amy” Gu, also joined in her alleged verbal and physical abuse, he added.

"Almost every day I was insulted by Amy saying I 'act like a thug' or 'I don't act like a man.' Emily called me 'f-ing.' Calling them ''a-holes'' and other insults,'' he said.

"As early as her two-year-old Emily and Amy, [our son and daughter] were verbally and then physically abusive, with a tendency to do so as they grew older." he said. "They are abusing me, both verbally and physically."

The couple's alleged abuse of their children included Yu spanking her daughter after she wet her bed when she was 3, Including hitting my son when he was 2 years old. His head and arms, Chen said.

Chen claimed that Yu deprived the now 8-year-old and her 7-year-old of their sleep, even if they let them go to bed before Yu wanted.

"Even after 11:00 p.m., if the children fell asleep on their own, she would wake them up, go to her own room, close her door, and make them cry. I demanded it," he said. "Sometimes at the end she would tell the children to go outside, slam the door behind her, and make them cry outside the door." He said that the children can't even show him affection unless he shouts at him.His daughter, fearing Yu's explosive temper, plays tennis and takes pictures with her father. He added that he wouldn't even do it.

Photos of suspect Yue Yu allegedly putting Drano in her husband's drink.
Yu's attorneys said they denied all allegations of abuse by his clients.

The children had little contact with friends and other family members, Chen said.

"Our kids have learned that Emily's rules are everything," he said. "I am ignored and not accepted as a family member."

Yu will transfer children from one school in 2021 after a teacher questions if his son has his ADHD. said Chen. When his son started beating other students at his new school, his mother-in-law Goo described the bad behavior as he was "high in energy". yelling at them, calling them stupid, and demanding [our sons] come up with 'better excuses' for their bad behavior," Chen said.  

When her daughter was practicing the piano, Yu persistently called her daughter "Baka Baka".

Dr. Yue "Emily" Yu, 45
Yu, 45, is affiliated with her Mission Hospital in Providence, and said staff were cooperating with authorities in her arrest. issued a statement to refer to.

"Finally, [our daughter] cried and she told Emily she couldn't say 'f-ing,'" Chen claimed. Emily punched [our daughter] in the arm.

"Amy came and said to [our daughter] that there are words only adults, not children, can say. So Emily is right to do what she does."

And Yu was once so unhappy when her son played the piano that she yelled at him, calling him " "Idiot," said Chen. } When two siblings express their feelings or say they're sad, "Emily and Amy yell, 'You look so ugly you look like a pig,' or tell [our son] You say, 'You're a wimp,'" Chen said.

Yu's lawyer told The Post that her client denied poisoning her husband and abusing him and her children.