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I am an amputee and have set record sailing solos around the world

A Hawaiian man who lost his left arm and leg after being beaten by a drunk driver set a world record on the world's first solo voyage. By two amputees.

Having never sailed alone, Dustin Reynolds began in his home state, traveled the world for seven years and then returned in December. 

"One-handed sailor"wanted to redefine his life after suffering from his terrible accident.

Reynolds was hit head-on by a drunk driver while riding a motorcycle in 2008. In a horrific accident, Reynolds broke his scapula, leaving a hole in his spleen and lungs, resulting in a double amputation.

After his medical bills piled up, Reynolds went bankrupt only with carpet cleaning and devastated fishing boats. One day he came across a list of people who set records for sailing around the world — and he found that his roster had no two amputees.

"I lost my arms and legs and was financially ruined, but somehow thatled me to an epic adventure," he said. } I told the Guinness Book of World Records.

Reynolds sold his company and fishing boat for $ 12,000 and bought a yacht. The following year he repaired a new boat, read a book and watched a YouTube tutorial to teach himself how to sail.

Single handed sailor Dustin Reynolds
Dustin Reynolds

He was the first to leave Hawaii 940 miles on June 18th. Departed for the stop. 2014 — This is the first time he has set sail alone.

"I don't think there's anything perfectly prepared for me. I mainly make the boat the best possible shape, spare parts for everything I can think of, and lots of I tried to get food and rum, "said the adventurer.

Reynolds boats were not specifically designed for the disabled and forced them to use their teeth to raise their sails.

"There are many challenges to doing everything with one hand, and tiredness to do everything alone," he explained. "My biggest concern will be falling overboard. No one will come back for me."

But he, including visits to 36 countries and foreign territories. After his wild journey, Reynolds said he "honestly" thought that sailing around the world was statistically safer than driving in urban traffic.

He initially planned to spend about five years sailing around the world, but due to COVID restrictions and boating issues, he was often delayed for another two years. did.

"No matter how tired or lonely I was, I could always see the finish line. I usually drink burgers and beer," Reynolds said. He was sometimes able to connect with friends and family through textbooks, but he spent most of his time alone and making new friends.

"Thank you for the lack of the internet and the distractions. It's good to think through things with your own thoughts," he said.

“I lost my arm, my leg and was financially ruined. But, somehow, that led me to a grand adventure,” he told the Guinness Book of World Records.
Dustin Reynolds

Seafarers are complete for a total of 11 months Alone — except for some animal companions.

"Even if seabirds liked to poop on my solar panels, whales, seabirds and dolphins were always welcome," Reynolds recalled. 

"My most unique encounter was with a young whale shark that swam to a boat about 250 miles southwest of Mentawai," he continued his adventure. "I was calm for almost a week, jumping in and swimming with him for about 45 minutes."

During his trip, the sailing vessel broke down several times and Reynolds went bankrupt. Leaving repairs that weren't available, he started crowdfunding to continue his journey. Since then, he has returned to Hawaii with new skills, friends, memories, and adventure plans.

Reynold's next goal is to be the first double amputee to land on the moon .

"I think we need more successful crowdfunding to raise that money," he joked. 

But until then, Reynolds plans to "give back" the kindness of those who supported his voyage by speaking in public and writing a book about his adventures. ..