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'I Just Killed My Dad': Where Is Anthony Templet Now?

I Just Killed My Dad, Netflix's newest true crime documentary series is chilling It revolves around 10 words like: In June 2019, Anthony Templet called the police and said, "I killed my father. I shot him three times." A true crime story revealing a history of kidnapping and abuse.A quick look at the case of Anthony Templet, the murder of Bert Templet and where Anthony is today.

Who is Anthony Templet?

When Anthony His Templet was first arrested for his father's murder in the summer of 2019, it looked like a truncated case. After Anthony shot Bart Templet three times, hecalled the policeand confessed to the crime. A 17-year-old boy was then arrested shortly after making the call. What no one expected was how twisted and tumultuous this case would be.

It was actually Anthony's arrest that revealed the full extent of the abuse he suffered throughout his life. When this story goes public,Anthony's sister recognizes him,and reveals that Anthony was kidnapped by Bart eleven years before him. At that time, Anthony was only five years old. In the Netflix documentary series, his biological mother, Teresa Thompson, repeatedly tried to find her son after he was taken, but ran out of money, the legal system helped, and Bart himself found her.

Anthony's life with his father was as upsetting as how he came to be there. As a child, Anthony was forbidden from attending school for fear that someone would perceive him as a kidnapping victim. He was also ignorant of basic cultural touchstones.At 16, he was about the level of a third or fourth grader, and one subject of the docuseries was how Anthony knew who Tom Cruise was. said there wasn't. Burt was also verbally abusing his son and was religiously tracking where he used surveillance cameras.

Anthony was always cold to his father. But most of his time in Louisiana he had someone to look after him thanks to his stepmother Susan Templet. Even that little comfort didn't last long. In March 2019, Susan left Bart after being physically assaulted by him. She didn't bring Anthony. She feared that Bert would go after them. So Anthony was left alone with his father. Anthony then claimed that his plan was to shoot Bart simply to hurt him. Instead, those gunshots killed Bart and changed Anthony's case dramatically.

Burt and Anthony Templet in 'I Just Killed My Dad'
: Netflix

Did Anthony Templet go to jail?

Anthony spent some time in prison, but not for long. He was arrested shortly after police arrived on the scene in June 2019. By mid-December of the same year, Templet was released from prison. Anthony was initially charged with second-degree murder, but after the trial he had his sentence commuted to manslaughter.

Where is Anthony Templet today?

In 2021, Anthony didn't dispute a minor murder. He is currently on probation, where he has served five years, while also receiving credit for his time served. As part of this sentencing, Anthony must get his GED, go to counseling, and either work full-time or attend school full-time. After a period of time, Anthony can choose to have his charges erased from his own records.

"I have great hopes for Anthony's success in life. He lives an incredibly desperate life, and until he shoots his father, no one can help him." And that act, incredibly, brought all the care and concern into his life," Anthony's attorney, Jarrett Ambo, said at the end of the documentary series. "In the end, this system worked for this child."[41][42] While on probation, Anthony was reunited with his mother and that side of the family. I Just Killed My Dad shows Anthony Templet even months after his release. An old version of Anthony tries to hold back tears, saying that an old interview footage of him plays and he just wants to live a normal life. , the past version of him pauses before saying yes.