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I spent my $36K home deposit on massive a body makeover — I don’t regret it

Her body is a wonderland — and it took a cool $36,000 to build. After all, who needs a brand new home to live in, when can you buy a body to die for instead? 

That was Scarlet Black’s rationale when the blond decided to blow her entire life savings — funds she’d set aside to purchase her dream house — on 13 extreme plastic surgery procedures.

“I might not be getting my dream house — but at least I get to live in my dream body,” said UK-based Black, 27. “You live in your body more than your own home, so to me, it’s just self-investing.” 

Her massive body renovation includes three boob jobs, a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), liposuction and an arm lift. 

The cheeky UK-based bombshell told Caters News she began investing in her physique in early 2021, after letting her weight “balloon” to 350 pounds while overindulging on junk foods during the pandemic. 

“Lockdown happened, I stayed in more, binged more on [take-out], and stopped walking as much,” said Black, who’s admittedly struggled with her weight since childhood, cyclically dropping and gaining pounds on trending yo-yo diets. 

“I would eat portions made for families,” she added said of her previously poor habits.

“For a meal, I would have a large pizza, garlic bread, fried chicken, and wedges on the side which would be washed down with a 1.5 litre of cola and a big cookie pudding,” she confessed. “Some days, I would have three takeaways a day.”

But her binge eating began eating away at her well-being. 

“My health was deteriorating,” said Black, who resolved to take drastic measures in effort to save her life. “I heard about the gastric sleeve, and that for me was my last resort for help.” 

She opted for the costly operation — a weight loss procedure, during which a portion of the stomach is laparoscopically removed to limit food intake — on February 2021. The surgery can come with a price tag ranging between $7,500 to over $30,000, depending on location and insurance coverage. 

Black dipped into her home-fund — the $36,000 she’d spent two years tucking away as a down payment for a new pad — withdrawing more than $4,200 to fund the belly cut. 

But, skimming off of her savings was apparently well worth it. 

Within nine months of the op, Black shed a whopping 196 pounds.

The newly svelte siren’s rapid weight loss gave her a massive confidence boost — prompting her to schedule appointments for a tummy tuck, muscle repair, arm liposuction, and an arm lift that same year. 

But Black wasn’t done mowing through her green.

She then shelled out a staggering $7,200 on her first of what would-be a series of breast augmentations.

“I actually had three boob jobs,” said the millennial. 

“A lot of people always say to me, ‘What? You had three? What the hell?,’” she continued. “[But] what people don’t really know [is], unless you have had a boob job, is you must go up in little stages to slowly stretch your skin.”

“Otherwise, if you don’t, you get a lot of complications,” said Black. 

In August 2022, she traveled to Turkey, where cosmetic surgeons in Istanbul gave her a thigh lift and breast augmentation for another $8,500. And she returned to the Middle East in August 2023, going under the knife for another breast augmentation, BBL, liposuction, and buttock lift for $9,700.

Black is just one of the many women who’ve laid out king-size stacks of cash in the hopes of transforming their looks. 

In May, YouTube star Mia Dio forked over $30,000 to specialists, demanding they remodel her “ugly” face into a striking work of art. She said the surgery help her go from “Botched to Barbie.” Next up: In July, self-crowned “plastic princess,” Leila Griffin, 29, unabashedly took to social media, bragging that she blows her 53-year-old husband’s money on beautification procedures like lip filler as often some people change their underwear. 

“I’m an advocate for plastic surgery,” said Griffin. “The surgery could have cost [$100,000] and I still would have done it.”

For Black — who now shows off her updated assets as a webcam model — her most recent procedures not only cost her a pretty penny, but some of her weight loss success, too. 

“When I was bigger, I was obviously more curvaceous, and I just missed having some curves as they always made me feel feminine,” said Black. 

“So, I gained some extra weight which ended up being [28 pounds], and booked myself in for the BBL and other procedures,” she continued, noting that packing on pounds wasn’t an easy task. 

“It was a bit triggering when I was getting it done, as they needed me to have enough fat to suck out of me, to put back into me,” Black recalled. “I just kept thinking to myself, ‘Oh god, I’m doing the opposite, I’m putting weight back on.’”

“But you know what,” she added, “after the surgery, I feel really good and it’s the best I have ever felt.” 

In total, Black’s body modifications exceeded $38,200 — nearly $2,000 more than the amount of cash she’s stashed away for a new home. She recently scored over 34,000 views on a TikTok post featuring “before” and “after” footage of her jaw-dropping alterations.

Her staggering debt notwithstanding, the finely-figured fox says life’s been fantastic since she’s gone plastic. 

“I would do it again in a heartbeat to see myself in the mirror now and actually smile back at my reflection,” insisted Black, who’s relaunched her efforts towards saving up for a new abode, which she plans to purchase in either 2024 or 2024. 

“At the end of the day, money comes back but it’s helped me mentally and physically,” she said. “All these surgeries — and I do not regret it.”