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I tried Kim Kardashian's SKIMS and felt "snatch", but preferred the $ 14 option

I feel that her SKIMS has a high degree of exposure.

Fashion influencer Ashley Lopez —Brand yourself as “TikTok's plus size fashion BFF” — I tried Kim Kardashian's shapewear label, but it's true. I didn't feel myself.

However, fashionistas who frequently review shapeware have beensuccessful with Wal-Mart's $ 14 budget option.

"I hope I like this," she said in June views at 54,000 views, and she added that she bought a size XL. After trying on her bodysuit, Lopez said she needed to reduce the size of her underwear. "Otherwise, it's really comfortable through the thighs."

Her review was in stark contrast to the Kardashian family's turmoil, where the thighs were too tight and needed to be increased in size.

Lopez ordered a large / extra large size nude bodysuit from Skims for 651,000 TikTok followers.

To see if the elastic sculpting bodysuit fits her properly, she shared her experience on aviral clip with 2.1 million views. It was.

"I finally got some SKIMS shapewear," Lopez said with her clothes close to her. When she opened the box and looked at the little suit, she looked embarrassed at the camera.

"This is oversized," continued the influencer. "Look at the little ass!"

Then she struggled to pull the shapewear, moaning her and trying to stretch her material to fit her physique. did.

"Kimberly!" Lopez shouted. "She's trying to rob me of my soul!" She wasn't "sold" in Kardashian's products, even though she followed her brand's sizing guide.

Next, the fashionista showed her thighs to the fans. There, a tight cloth hung snugly on her leg. "What's happening here?" Lopez said.

She finally put her entire bodysuit on the frame and said, "I'm definitely snatched."

"I didn't expect to say this, but it wasn't worth it," she added.

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Her followers are shocked by what happened to their experience I received and commented. A company that turned from a real star to an entrepreneur.

One person wrote, "I ordered the size I was told based on my usual size, but I wouldn't be able to lift one leg."

"Imagine you're going to the bathroom when you're out," another viewer added.

Kardashian's underwear has been criticized in the past for its"problematic" size.TikTok user Jasmine Alexandria made arant against the shapeware line in a viral video last December.

She "has a conversation with Kim Kardashian, f-king," Alexandria said angry at TikTok. "I got a skim for Christmas ... and sizing really bothers me, so let me talk about sizing."

"This is large / extra large, This won't grow, "she shouted, calling for rumors that the rest of the Kardashian family would go under theknifeto complete their bodies. "It doesn't stretch. When I told you, I couldn't even get through this to my thighs."

"So my question to Kim Kardashian is on your line. What size do you wear? "Because you don't wear large / extra large," Alexandria said. "And I understand that the thighs may not match, but there is no way for you to get you with this."