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I had no teeth and was called a "catfish", but now I have new teeth that "change my life"

A woman whose extraordinary transformation in TikTok has been described by users as "magic" now reveals that she has a permanent denture. , I describe it as "changing my life".

New York's four mothers, Alicia, shared a video in 2021 after posting a video showing her transformation process, including snap-in dentures and snap-in dentures. It became popular with the app. An extreme makeover that many call her a "catfish".

Since then, Alicia, who has posted under the usernamePrincess Glitter Head, boasts 2.8 million followers in awe of her amazing makeover. ..

A recent clip in June revealed that she had a fixed bridge fixed to her mouth instead of a snap-in denture that had to be taken in and out daily, and she was excited at the dentist's office. I took a picture of myself waiting. Before the procedure.

A fixed bridge is a dental prosthesis that is attached to an adjacent tooth or implant and replaces the missing tooth. The

clip has been viewed over 1.5 million times and hundreds of Alicia followers have commented on the video.

The TikToker, who posts under Princess Glitter Head, showed the remarkable before and after.
TikTok / princxssglitterhead
She said the new teeth are life changing.'
TikTok / princxssglitterhead

"I love the positive messages you share," wrote one user.

"You are very inspiring. You are vulnerable and thank you for sharing your wonderful journey," another person added.

In another post, Alicia admitted that she was excited about the results of her new teeth.

"Thank you! It took me a long time to get to this place,"she wrote.

Alicia previously published about her journey of her tooth loss. She said this has evolved over the years, avoiding dentist consultations, while embracing an unhealthy lifestyle, especially during pregnancy.

Critics blamed the transformation of her makeover artist when she first posted her routine. "Cat fishing" should be illegal.

But Alicia, especially in the stigma around her tooth loss, that she is wearing makeup and that her dentures want to promote her body's aggressiveness. I continued to post the photos shown.