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Inflation'Not All' Putin's Blame: Fox News Host Howard Kurtz

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Fox News host Howard Kurtz said in a Friday's "Special Report" that record high inflation under President Biden was "not Putin's fault." Insisted.

Biden does not ask Saudi leaders to increase oil production, about the prices of Russia, Russia and Russia in Blaze

KURTZ: I've never heard Democratic politicians say "Russia, Russia, Russia" since Mueller's investigation. And that's not the fault of all Putin. Budget-breaking burgers are a surefire way to remind people how widespread the inflation problem is. By the way, I was hungry when I saw that barbecue segment. This is the number one medium-term issue to date. And Biden has very limited tools to change it by November. And, as shown earlier, airline prices have risen by about 40%, resulting in thousands and thousands of cancellations. This made the flight very disastrous. In addition,sticker shocks occur every time you pass a gas station. Therefore, it reduces other problems in the country. 

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