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First attempt to reach trapped Mexican miners failed

Divers' first attempt to rescue 10 miners trapped since last week at a flooded mine was broken by rubble, according to Mexican officials. Filled pits and poor visibility prevented it, Mexican officials said Thursday.

On Wednesday he tried four times and was able to remove more than a dozen pieces of wood and about 14 meters of hose, but could not get far.

"They realized there was no room to move forward," said Secretary of Defense Luis Crescencio Sandoval. "With the lights they have, we don't have the visibility we need to identify what we find." August 3, Eagle, Texas He Coawilla, about 70 miles southwest of the pass In the mines of Sabinas, province he had fifteen miners. Officials believe miners breached a wall containing another flooded area. Five miners were able to escape with injuries, but the remaining 10 of them have not been contacted.

During his week, authorities have used dozens of pumps to try to bring down water levels in the flooded mine shafts. Wednesday's dive was the first attempt to enter the mine.

Coahuila Gov. Miguel Riquelme said on Twitter Wednesday that pumping would resume before further break-in attempts are made.

In June and July of 2021, cave-ins occurred at two of his mines in Coahuila, claiming the lives of nine miners.

Mexico's worst mining accident also occurred in Coahuila on February 19, 2006, when the Pasta de Conchos mine exploded while 73 miners were inside. rice field. Eight people were rescued from him with injuries including severe burns. The rest died and only two were recovered.

The president of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised to retrieve his remaining 63 bodies two years ago, but the high-tech effort has yet to begin.