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In the recording studio of Chris Stapleton and Dave Cobb

The trio behind Chris Stapleton's unique sound

Country music starChris Stapleton's genre-bending soundwon him eight Grammy Awards. Essential to Stapleton's success is the partnership between acclaimed country music producer Dave Cobb and his artistic muse, harmony singer, and his wife Morgan.

Trio met with 60 Minutes correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi in Nashville's historic RCA Studio A to reflect on their creative process and partnership. 

Cobb, himself a guitarist and bassist, worked with the royal family of music to produce for Barry Gibb, Sturgill Simpson, and Lady Gaga. In 2018, he contributed to the Grammy Award-winning soundtrack for A Star Is Born. Eight-time Grammy-winning Dave Cobb told Alfonsi that making Chris Stapleton was a unique experience. 

"That is, I'm playing live," Cobb said. "And that vocal you hear on the record is what he says at that moment, and that's what the band played at that moment, and it's very rare to make a record." Stapleton elaborated on the changes in producing style, adding that "it wasn't the case before. That was our way." "No, that was probably the case until the 1980s," Cobb asserted. "But that's-when you hear these records, you're hearing exactly what happened and it's recorded in that room."

Stapleton and Cobb wrote on the album "Traveller". , "From a Room: Vol. 1", "Starting Over" collaboration, won three Grammy Awards.

Chris Stapleton explains the dynamics between the three musicians and pursues "trying to make the best version of what we are doing" with each other. He said he felt safe to push back. He described Morgan as the "voice of reason" in the recording studio, explaining that men often get lost in the details of the track and are often distracted by unique equipment. Stapleton's rehearsal space in Nashville is full of musical ephemera.


"Chris and I are two ... the kids are on the road, where Go to the crab, and Morgan comes in and she says, "You know, try something different." Cobb told 60 Minutes. "She is always right," he added. 

Cobb argued that the musical partnership between Chris and Morgan Stapleton would take Chris' sound to the next level. "That is, most of the sound for me is that they sing together. Few people in the world can keep up with him, and she can certainly do that."


Dave Cobb praises Chris Stapleton's simple and honest style. increase. "If you listen to the records, the records are very minimal," he said. "That's really about that song, the song Chris wrote."

Chris Stapleton was among the contemporaries who made music that blended genres such as Southern rock, blues and country. It stands out. Dave Cobb told 60 Minutes that Stapleton's voice consisted of fragments of Otis Redding, Paul Rodgers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. "He summarizes all the great American music there in many ways," Cobb said. 

Cobb believes that Chris Stapleton's raw, emotional songwriting ability makes him better than anyone else. "That is, it just flows out of him," Cobb said. "It's like there's no filter between his thoughts, voice, and record performance. What makes him special is what you're listening to on record is what he and he want to say. , I think I'm saying anything inside. It's very easy to get out of him. "

Below you can see Sharyn Alfonsi's Chris Stapleton's 60 Minutes profile. I can do it.

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