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Iowa fair attendees say Biden is 'too old' to run in 2024, with high inflation motivating vote

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Des Moines, Iowa — Iowa State Fair voters say President Biden is 'too old' to run, regardless of whether they support incumbent president he told Fox News Digital. Rising inflation is the biggest issue driving them to vote in November's midterm elections.

David told Fox News Digital that he wanted to base his vote on politicians who supportIowa, challenging the policies of the Biden administration, especially during the pandemic.

“I think the Biden administration has screwed up a lot of policies, especially from the impact of COVID. A lot of people died. Hit," David explained. 

When asked if Biden should run in his 2024 run, David replied, "I'm too old."

Cattle show at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.

Cattle show at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. (Fox News Digital/Kelly Raco)

Better to hire someone who has better policies and can fill the position." David continued.

Another Iowan said the "economy" was the biggest motivation for voting in the midterms. .

Another voter, Greg, said: He cited "lower fuel prices" as his biggest motivation if he were to vote in the midterms, and said he felt a Trump administration would be better than a Biden administration.

When asked if he should run for reelection, Greg replied "no."  

"It's hard to say, but I don't know if anyone really does more," he said. "But the way things have turned out, he doesn't seem to be doing enough or right."

"We are very confused right now," Dave said of Fox. Speaking to News Digital, he said the main problem was "inflation and making it worse. We have to stop it."

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Pork chop stand at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.

Pork chop stand at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. (Fox News Digital/Kelly Laco)

Mary said she feltbetter under Trump, saying Dave said, "We're doing better." "I don't think he can run (for re-election)," Mary said of Biden. Asked about whether Biden is actually running the country, Dave said, "I don't think he's running the country right now." 78}

Iowa's Phillip and Mallory said they didn't want to run in 2024, even though they said they would be better off under Biden. 

You have to step down and support someone else," they told Fox News Digital. Sell" buy inflation bill} Iowans at the Iowa State Fair tell Fox News Digital that President Biden is "too old" to run 

Iowans attending the Iowa State Fair told Fox News Digital that President Biden said he was "too old" to run  (Fox News Digital/Kelly Laco)

Pam and Doug said Fox News He told Digital that he would be better off under Biden. For people without scandals and fuss to say how great he is. "



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