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Top Iranian diplomats in Syria, Israeli slums, Turkish threat

Iran's Supreme Diplomat accused Israel of bombing Syria on Saturday and from Turkey about another planned invasion of northern Syria by Ankara. Criticized the recent threat of.

Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdrahian's remarks were made at the beginning of his visit to Syria and were expected to discuss interrelationships and regional issues with top Syrian executives.

Iran is one of Syria's most powerful supporters of President Bashar Assad and thousands of fighters from the region to support his army in Syria's 11-year conflict. Was dispatched. The war killed hundreds of thousands and expelled half of the country's prewar population of 23 million.

Syrian national media reports that Israel had a visit to Amirabdrahian hours after Israel bombed a coastal Syrian village near the border with Lebanon, injuring the two. rice field.

This aerial view shows Turkey-backed Syrian fighters as they arrive to take part in a military exercise in the countryside of the northern city of Manbij, June 2, 2022.
This aerial photograph is a Turkish-backed Syrian fighter. Shows what it looks like when it arrives. Participated in a military exercise in the countryside of the northern city of Manbij on June 2, 2022.

Turkey's buffer zone

Turkey's President Receipt Typ Erdogan recently announced another major military force against Syria. Planning a cross-border invasion, creating a buffer zone 30 kilometers (19 miles) deep along the Turkish border and fighting US Alliance Syrian Kurdish fighters for its territory. Said that he promised.

Erdogan's attempt to create a buffer in 2019 failed, but Turkish troops were deployed in Syria following a previous invasion to support anti-Assad Syrian opposition fighters. rice field. Ankara sees Syrian Kurdish fighters allied with the United States as terrorists allied with Kurdish rebels within the Turkish border.

"We understand the concerns of neighboring Turkey, but we oppose any military action in Syria," said Amirabdrahian, and Iran "through dialogue with Turkey. He added that he was trying to resolve the "misunderstanding between Turkey and Syria."

Amirabdrahian met Assad late Saturday, and Assad told Iran's envoy that Turkey's "justification for the invasion of Syria was false, misleading, and real. It has nothing to do with it. " Assad's office also said the president said Turkey's military presence in Syria violated international law.

Incirlic AFB, Turkey
Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

Analysts said Prime Minister Erdogan is using the war in Ukraine to promote own goals in Syria. Turkey has agreed to lift its opposition to NATO members Sweden and Finland this week, and North Atlantic countries see Ankara as a national security threat, including the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the expansion of Syria. He said he had agreed to crack down on the group.

Turkey demanded the delivery of individuals and the lifting of weapons restrictions imposed on Ankara after Finland and Sweden invaded northeastern Syria in 2019.

Israeli airstrikes

Amir Drahian accused Israel of attacking Syria. The Saturday morning attack was the first since the June 10 airstrike at Damascus International Airport caused serious damage to the airport and made its main runway unusable. The airport was closed for two weeks for repairs and then resumed flight on June 23. Of Tartus. The attack took place a few kilometers north of the border with Lebanon.

SANA said two people, including a woman, were injured and suffered serious damage.

Over the years, Israel has gone on hundreds of strikes against Syrian targets, but rarely admits or discusses such operations. Israel is a militia of the Iranian alliance, including the Lebanese militia Hezbollah group, where fighters deployed in Syria are fighting on the side of Assad's government forces and shipping weapons that appear to be detained by the militias. It states that it is targeting the base.

The June strike at the Damascus International Airport strike showed a major escalation of the Israeli campaign, further increasing tensions between Israel on the one hand and Iran and Hezbollah on the other.