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Iraqi parliament swear to new members after 73 strikes

The Baghdad-Iraqi parliament pledged a new member on Thursday and resigned collectively earlier this month as the political impasse over the formation of the country's next government continues. It replaced the 73 members of the Diet.

A strike by followers of Iraq's most influential Shiite politician, Muktadar al-Saddle, throws Iraq into even more uncertainty, swapping decks after the October 10 elections and parliament. Gave the priest the largest block in.

He emerged as a winner, but Arsador was unable to put together a coalition that could form a majority government. He is trapped in a power struggle with Iran-backed Shiite internal rivals, hindering the formation of a new government.

Two weeks ago, he ordered a member of Congress from a block of parliament to resign to break the eight-month impasse. Unprecedented moves have disrupted Iraq's political situation.

According to Iraqi law, if a parliamentary seat becomes vacant, the candidate with the second highest vote in the constituency will replace them. In this case, it created an opponent of Arsador from the so-called coordination framework. It is a coalition led by Iran-backed Shiite parties and their allies, with a majority of about 122 seats.

For the first time since 2005, remove Al Saddle from parliament, allowing pro-Iranian factions to decide on the next government structure.

"Today, the first step has been completed. This is the successor to take the oath," said Muhammad Sadun Saihod, a member of the rule of law coalition represented by the framework. I did.

"We are now in the process of electing a president and appointing a prime minister from a coordinating framework," he said, adding that he hopes that the formation of a new government will begin soon. rice field.

There was no immediate reaction from Al Saddle to the taunt of the new legislator. The political impasse led to new protests and fears of street clashes between supporters of Arsador and their Shiite rivals.

Parliament is adjourned, but primarily framework alliance members called for an extraordinary meeting on Thursday to vote for new members.

On Thursday, 64 lawmakers swore, but the other nine did not attend.

On Wednesday, Arsador accused Iran's agent of political interference. He also accused them of putting pressure on newly elected political independents and allies of his sadlist block.

He called on MPs not to give in to pressure.

"I stand bravely to reform and save the country and call on Brock not to succumb to pressure between denominations, because they are disappearing bubbles," he said in a statement.

Political analyst and director of the Baghdad Strategic Research Center, Munaf Al Musawi, has sent Arsador's statement to Iran's agent to his former ally, the Kurdistan Democratic Party Masudo Balzani. Said to send. Party and Parliamentary Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbusi — To avoid holding parliamentary sessions.

He said that if a session was held, the Coordinating Framework and its allies would control parliament and the saddle allies would pay for it.

Iraqi elections broke out in late 2019, more than expected in response to massive protests by tens of thousands of people against endemic corruption, poor service and unemployment. It was done a month earlier.