Ireland's Top Court Rules Subway's Bread Too Sugary For Tax Break

The Irish Supreme Court ruling was centered on tax breaks for certain foods.

Pop quiz.

What does Subway serve its sandwiches on?

Bread, right?

Maybe not.

Ireland’s top court ruled Subway’s bread is actually too sugary to meet the definition of “bread.”

The question made it to the country’s Supreme Court because Ireland offers tax breaks for restaurants that serve food “staples.”

Bread, is among them.

But the sugar and fat levels must fall below a certain limit.

Otherwise it is classified the same as other baked goods like cookies.

And that’s what the justices found in Ireland.

Subway’s bread recipe is too sugary to meet the legal definition.

If you’re wondering... Subway says its six inch white bread... has five grams of sugar.

That’s similar to an Oreo cookie.

One more fun fact about Subway.

As of 2016, the company had franchise locations on more than 600 college campuses.

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