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Israeli parliament dissolves and sets fifth election in four years

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, right, and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid talk ahead of the vote on a bill to dissolve parliament.
Israeli Prime Minister Naftari Bennett, Right, and Foreign Minister Yale Rapid will discuss prior to voting on a bill to dissolve Congress. AP

Jerusalem — The Israeli parliament will dissolve on Thursday and send the country to the fifth vote in November. Was resolved in less than four years.

Israel's Foreign Minister and architect of the next coalition government, Yair Lapid, will become the country's caretaker prime minister after midnight on Friday. He will be the 14th person to take on that position, taking over from Naftari Bennett, Israel's shortest service prime minister.

The government is only one after long-time leader Benjamin Netanyahu was formed in a historic move banished by a coalition of ideologically diverse parties after twelve years of power. It collapsed in a little over a year.

The motion to dissolve was passed in favor of 92 legislators and was not opposed.

A new election will be held on November 1st.

Israeli former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at Knesset ahead of the vote on a bill to dissolve parliament.

This move is a move by eight parties from the entire spectrum of Israel. After being in a long-term predicament with four elections in two years, it brings a formal end to the political experiment that sought to find something in common.

The upcoming election is an extension of Israel's protracted political crisis, at the heart of which is Netanyahu and his ongoing corruption trials. The four deadlocked elections over the last three years have been most of the referees on the suitability of Netanyav's service, in the face of the crime of accepting bribes, fraud and infringement of trust. Netanyaf denied cheating.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will serve as caretaker prime minister until elections this fall.

Former talk show host, Rapid, Netanyaf, who leads the party on the left in the center. It is hoped that he will campaign as a caretaker prime minister to continue his work as an alternative, and he will be boosted early next week when President Joe Byden arrives in the country.

Israeli media polls show that Netanyahu and his allies have seats, but the 120-member Kneset occupies the majority of the 61 seats. Not sure if it's enough. If he and no one else succeeds in doing so, Israel can go to the election again.