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Israel investigating the bullet that killed a journalist in Al Jazeera

Israel plans to conduct a ballistic test of the bullet that killed Al Jazeera journalist Sirene Abu Acre, the Palestinian Authority said the bullet was shot by the U.S. Expert.

A comment on Army radio by Army spokesman Lan Kochaf was made by the PA to investigate the bullet that killed Abu Acre during the Israeli assault on the west bank of the occupied Jordan River. It was issued after giving a green light to the Americans instead.

Palestinian officials who demanded anonymity told AFP that Israeli comments on whether PA was "trustworthy to Americans" cast doubt.

Regarding Army Radio, Mr. Kochaf said: "The test will be an Israeli test with an American, not an American.

We killed her, we are responsible for it, and it I'm sorry. I'm sorry if the uninvolved people were killed by Israeli militants. " ..

Ramallah Palestinian sources said they expected the test to take place at the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Palestinian-American Abu Acre wore a vest labeled "Press." Helmets covered Israeli operations at the Genin camp on the northern west bank on May 11.

According to an official Palestinian investigation, a star reporter on a Qatar-based television channel was killed after being beaten. By the bullet just below the helmet.

It turns out that Abu Acre was killed by a 5.56mm armored penetrating bullet fired from a Ruger Mini-14 rifle.

UN investigations, and some journalistic probes have f, ammunition that killed Abu Acre was fired by the Israeli army.

Despite these findings, Israel claims that it may have been hit by a stray Palestinian shooting.

The army also said, "Mr. Abu Acre was not intentionally shot by Israeli Defense Forces soldiers."