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Joey Chestnut has 15 wins as the champion has defeated 63 hot dogs.

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Frank Fulter Devouring PhenomenonJoey "Joe's" Chestnutwon his 15th victory in Nathan's famous July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest on Monday with 63 Hot Dogs at the annual Excess Exhibition. Powered down the bread.

With a decisive chawdown comeback, female record holder Miki Sudo was pregnant after skipping last year's candid festival, so she brought down 40 wieners and bread. Won the female title.

Hot Dog Eating Contest
Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo win Nathan's famous Hot Dog Eating Contest at Connie on July 4th. , The island of New York, Monday, July 4, 2022, posing with 63 and 40 hot dogs, respectively. Julia Nikhinson / AP

On Monday, the contest returned to a traditional location outside Nathan's flagship store in Brooklyn's Connie Island district. Also shown. The event was relocated in 2020 and last year due to the corona virus outbreak.

"It's beautiful to be back here," Chestnut told ESPN after his feat in front of a large audience. He is wearing surgical boots due to a leg injury.

"It hurts, but I was in the zone for a while. I was ignoring it," said Chestnut, but the pain eventually slowed down in the 10-minute game.

Last year, residents of Westfield, India, consumed 76 flanks and bread to break their record.

Sudo of Tampa, Florida set a women's record of 48 1/2 winners and pans in 2020, but last year disappointingly took off. She and Nick Wally, a competitive companion I met at the Nathan contest in 2018, welcomed her son Max on July 8, 2021.

From her dad's arm, the baby saw her 36-year-old mother notch her. Eighth Nathan's victory. She then told ESPN that he hoped to someday steal a message from it.

"I want to set an example," she said. "Do what you love, push the absolute limits, try even when it's difficult, and you know. You may just actually win."

After that, Sudo took over the task of raising children while Wally was aiming for the men's title.

In connection with the Spectacular, Nathans will donate 100,000 Franks to the New York City Food Bank.

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