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Schools are coming back soon, but it doesn't fail and has awakened public schools for many families

As parents prepare their children to return to school, many of them will be making decisions about their children's education. The public education system used in too many districts isused to indoctrinate more than education.

In a kindergarten story about drag queens, students were forced to use preferred pronouns, and a biological boy who identified himself as transgender was once a girl. A growing number of parents who use the locker rooms and showers provided for their children and who are more confident about the pandemicfind homeschooling more effective. All of this is causing an exodus of parents and teachers from public schools.

The New York Times recentlydocumented the trend: In Michigan, enrollments are more than 50,000 below pre-pandemic levels, from the big cities to the rural Upper Peninsula.

“The suburbs of Orange County, California, where generations of families have migrated as part of the public school system, saw enrollment decline for the second year in a row. Statewide, 2019 More than 250,000 public school students have been dropped from California's roster since 2018.”

Children aren't the only ones abandoning public schools. Many teachers are also checking out. The Washington Post reported: “America’s teacher shortage has reached critical levels.

Public school enrollment has been dropping in New York City and other cities across the country.
Adolphe Pierre-Louis/Albuquerque Journal via ZUMA Press Wire

Regarding the shortage of teachers, Dan Domenech, executive director of the Association of Superintendents of Schools, told The Washington Post.

The question is what classrooms children in public schools will return to. Is it like a classroom in Portland, Oregon? There, she explored the ideology, sexual orientation, and the role of 'white settlers' in marginalizing LGBTQ people," according to a Washington Times report. ?

Her Darla Romfo, president of the Children's Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to underperforming inner-city school students, said this widespread awakening I am replying to the principle by e-mail. More than half of the students can't even read well, and the pandemic has only exacerbated this learning loss. Why don't schools insist on directing time and resources to non-academic, controversial, and at best confusing subjects, especially for the most vulnerable students? Are your parents sick of it and rightly so? And my advice is, if your school does not address your concerns, find another one that will.When it comes to your child's education, there is no turning back.

US students continue to lag other countries in reading, mathematics, and science. We seem to be number one in terms of cost, averaging $16,268 per student per year, well above the global average of $10,759.

Parents have the right to ask if the costs equal the benefits. Because this is their tax.

With the proliferation of private schools, more readily available resources for homeschooling, and school choice in more and more states, more parents are pulling their children out of public schools.

The public school system, increasingly dominated by left-wing political and social ideologies, has long been in need of reform or burial. seems to be headed in the direction of burial, as well.

President Joe Biden declared a "public health emergency" due to monkeypox. There is a vaccine to prevent monkeypox. The only protection of public school children from intellectual and moral "infection" is to get rid of them.

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