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Jalen Brunson as well as Knicks' free agent point guard option

It doesn't have to beJalen Brunson or bust.

The Mavericks free agentis clearly Knicks' top target, filling the hole in the point guard cave, but improving the team now that it has cleared nearly $ 20. There are other options for. We have millions of cap spaces and we plan to create even more.

Post Zack Brasiler breaks down some other possibilities as the free agency period approaches.

Malcolm Brogdon

Pacers has 29-year-old lead guards with young backcourt players such as Tyrese Haliburton, first round picks and Benedict Maturin. It will be a trade block. Knicks can reach Brogdon.

A former Virginia star has been a productive player throughout his six-year NBA career, averaging 15.5 points, 4.8 assists, and shooting 37.6 percent from a 3-point range.

He is at risk of injury. Brogdon only played 36 games last year and hasn't played more than 64 contests in a season since his rookie year. He is also expensive According to Spotrac, he is in debt of $ 22.6 million in 2022-23 and $ 22.5 million each in the following two seasons.

Tyus Jones, Malcolm Brogdon and Dejounte Murray
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Dejounte Murray

He is this It's the least likely and time-consuming option on the list. However, according to Bleacher Report, the rebuilding Spurs are willing to move Murray to a few first-round picks. Knicks will own 11 first round picks over the next 7 years and 4 picks in next year's draft.

The 6'4 guard is a franchise changer, and playing Murray with RJ Barrett makes Tom Thibodeau one of the best backcourts in the league. increase. Murray is in an astonishing season with 21.1 points, 9.2 assists and 8.3 rebounds, still 25 years old and two years left on the contract.

Tyus Jones

The former Duke prominent figure played a powerful role in the Grizzlies and this year played an important role as one of the league's best young rosters. rice field. As a free agent, Jones may now be able to cash in.

With a quality defender who rarely flips the ball, he is in the best season of his career. (8.7), rebound (2.4), 3-point shoot (39.0%), only 21.2 minutes per game. His numbers got even better when Ja Morant entered and his role expanded, with 6-foot Jones scoring 12.7 points and 6.6 assists in 23 games.

With Memphis landing Kennedy Chandler in Tennessee in the NBA Draft, Jones could head for a new team.

Ricky Rubio

Like Brogdon, there are concerns about injury. He got out of the torn ACL and is a little long at 31 years old. But he's a true point guard who can actually run a team that Knicks has clearly lacked for years.

Rubio had a great season for the Cavaliers last year, but before he got injured he produced 13.1 points and 6.6 assists. The Knicks could give him a light amount of work, at which point he rotated with Derrick Rose, Immanuel Quickley, and Miles "Deuce" McBride.

Kyle Anderson

He's a local, from Fairview, NJ, not too expensive. Anderson at 6'9 is not a star. His best season was 2020-21 with an average of 12.4 points, 5.7 rebounds and 3.6 assisted Grizzlies, but he's doing a lot well.

It's not a flashy move, but it can be effective, especially if Knicks can't land a new point guard and can use higher level passers-by.