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James Dean biopic scrapped due to Leonardo DiCaprio's age, says director

Leonardo DiCaprio as James Dean? A look back at what it would have been like to play an iconic movie star in the '90s when he wanted to make a biopic.

Mann, 79, recently said he's tired of waiting for DiCaprio to grow old, telling Deadline on Wednesday, not a movie about Dean, 1995's Al revealed that he chose to make Pacino's crime drama. for the role.

"It was very strange about James Dean," Mann said.

"It was a great script. And who could play James Dean? Then I found a guy who could play James Dean, but he was too young." It was Leo."

The director of "The Thief" read the part when DiCaprio was a teenager, probably between Growing Pains and The Gilbert Grape Eater. made it clear that

"Very nice screen. He did the test. I think he must have been 19 at the time," Mann said. “And from one angle, he totally had it. , noted that he can transform into an actor in "Rebel Without a Cause".

Leonardo DiCaprio
DiCaprio's youthful looks in the '90s helped establish him as one of Hollywood's top actors of the time. rice field.

"If he turns his face one way, he sees a vision of James Dean, and then he turns his face the other way, and it's not. It's a little child. He's polite." He put James Dean's career back together for me," Mann explained.

DiCaprio built a career with his '90s projects such as 'The Basketball Diaries,' 'Romeo + Juliet,' '43' and 'Titanic,' making him one of Hollywood's A-list stars. I have established myself as a member. 

DiCaprio was 22 years old when he made his 1997 epic romance disaster film. DiCaprio was only 24 when Dean died in a car accident in 1955 after making three films.

James Franco played the star of "East of Eden" in the2001 TV movie. Dane DeHaan also wore Dean's famous leather jacket and his teenage disillusionment in 2015's Life.