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Jameson Taillon and Clay Holmes have entered a "whole new life" after the replacement of the Pirates-Yankees

In 2019, when Jameson Taillon last pitched at PNC Park, he knew something was physically wrong in the depths of his heart. I did. 

One start was the last start in a pirate uniform, and three months later he underwent a second Tommy John operation.

For Clay Holmes, his last appearance in Pittsburgh was on July 18th last season when he adjusted ERA to 4.31. Eight days later, Pirates replaced the middle relief with a team whose fanbase had hardly heard of him.

On Tuesday, both Taillon and Holmes will return to PNC Park as the Yankees and play an important role. The former is one of MLB's top rotations and is a healthy gear, while the latter is probably emerging as an all-star. The team with the best baseball record.

"I feel like I've had a whole new life in baseball," Taillon, who started on Tuesday, said before the Yankees spent their vacation in Pittsburgh on Monday. "There was a time when I wasn't really sure if I could go to the big league mound again, so every day is definitely a blessing. 

Jameson Taillon pitching against the Astros on June 23, 2022.
Robert Sabo

"Looking back at 2019, we have the 2018 championship season (82-79) and the future looks pretty bright. Injured, Chris Archer was injured, some guys stepped back, and then they destroyed the whole organization. In that sense, I don't know if it's regret, but ours It's a bit sad that the group couldn't get together anymore. That's what I'm thinking about returning. "

As part of its dismantling, Pirates are off in 2020-21. During the season, we sent Taillon, who was ranked second in 2010, to Bronx. Against the backdrop of his past health problems, right-handed players are in the midst of the best year since the 2018 season. His 3.32 ERA to 15 are comparable to the 3.20 ERA posted in 2018.

Holmes, rehabilitated from Tommy John's surgery with Tyrone (his first time) in 2014, picked the ninth round of Pirates in 2011, enhancing his career at Pinstripe. .. After posting 5.57 ERA in part of the four seasons in Pittsburgh, Holmes registered the Yankees with 0.97 ERA in part of the two seasons. This includes this year's 0.49 ERA, and the blockade is approaching.

"It's a good memory to go back," said Holmes, who has never recorded a save as a pirate in 152 games. "Obviously, I hope it worked and Pittsburgh's situation was better, but it would still be cool to go back and see the familiar places and faces."

Gerrit Cole will also make his first trip back to Pittsburgh since it was traded to the Astros in 2018. However, the former Pirates Ace has no plans to start during the two-game series.

Manager Aaron Boone has always questioned how landscape changes work for players. In the case of Taillon and Holmes, they moved from a team in a small market that lost a lot to a team in a large market where victory was always a top priority.

"We have a lot of challenges and things to do with being a Yankee. Indeed, these are the two guys who absolutely thrived in this environment," Boone said. ..

Taillon, who was planning to throw him to PNC Park on Monday to get his feet wet again at the stadium, meets Pirates coach staff and several players he once shared the clubhouse with. I was looking forward to it.

Clay Holmes pitching for the Yankees on June 29, 2022.
Jason Szenes / New York Post
Clay Holmes pitching for the Pirates in 2021.
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"I haven't actually played for him, but Shelton is looking forward to seeing me," Tyrone said in 2020. He talked about his manager, Derek Shelton, who took over the year. "He played a pretty big role in my rehab from the second TJ. He gave me a lot of hope. At least that year I'm not going to play for him. Even if he knew he didn't, he invested a lot in me. Pitching coach Oscar [Marin], bullpen coach Justin Meckage, two guys poured into me during rehab. . "