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January 6 Commission Hearing Details Trump Meeting Threatening Mass Resignation by Justice Ministry Officials

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At a hearing on Thursday, January 6,, a former Justice Ministry official gave details.

Testimony is a dramatic January 3 presidential office in which Trump was considering dismissing former Justice Deputy Jeff Rosen in support of former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark. I concentrated on the room meeting. 

In particular,Clark was very urged by the DOJto send a letter urging the state government to send an alternative slate for voters to Washington, D.C. rice field.

Rosen's detailed meeting was held with former Deputy Prosecutor Richard Donohue and former Assistant Attorney Steven Engel.

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Former Acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark was in the spotlight at Thursday's Jan. 6 Committee hearing for refusing to accept that the 2020 election wasn't stolen.

Former Assistant Attorney Jeffrey Clark is a member of the committee on Thursday, January 6, for refusing to accept that the 2020 elections were not stolen. It was in the limelight at the hearing of the meeting. (REUTERS / Yuri Gripas / File Photo)

"The president turned to me, he said. You're not going to do anything. You're not going to do anything. I don't even agree with the allegations of fraudulent elections, "Rosen said in his testimony. "Then I said,'President, you're right that I don't allow the Justice Department to do anything to overturn the election.'

Later in the meeting, Donohue He told the president that if Rosen was fired and replaced by Clark, the Justice Departmentwould havea lot of resignations.

"I will resign soon. Wow, I just haven't worked for a minute for this guy who declared me completely incompetent, "Donohue said. "So the president immediately turned to Mr. Engel, and he said,'Steve, you won't resign, right?' And he said," Absolutely I will. President, you. Leaves me a choice. "And I said," and not just us. "

Former President Trump asked DOJ officials to "just say the election was corrupt" despite a lack of evidence, a former official said Thursday. 

Former President Trump asked DOJ officials to "just say the election was corrupt," despite the lack of evidence, a former official said. Said on Thursday.  (AP Photo / Seth Wenig)

Engel told Trump: Hundreds and hundreds of Judiciary leaders have resigned because of your actions.

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Also, at the hearing, with Rosen Trump's constant efforts to convince his fellow DOJ officials were discussedtaking action to help overthrow the election. According to Rosen, Trump contacted him almost every day from late December to early January. 

Meanwhile, Rosen and Donohue elaborated on how Clark refused to listen to the facts surrounding the false allegations of fraudulent elections. "He doubled" and "sticked" to the idea that the election could have been stolen, even when faced with the fact that the letter he was pushing was not based on reality, Donohue said.

Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen testified before the Jan. 6 Committee Thursday.

Former Deputy Prosecutor General Jeffrey Rosen was before January Testified to. 6 Thursday committee. (Yuri Gripas-Pool / Getty Images)

According to Donohue, Trump told him and Rosen, "Tell me the election was corrupt. The rest is me.

Thursday's hearing was the fifth in two weeks for the January 6 committee, which plans to hold more hearings next month. So far, the Commission has investigated the January 6 event itself, the pressure onTrump's state authorities, and whetheractually realized that Trump had lost the election. 

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Commission plays the role of the Republican Party Parliamentarians reportedly participated in future attacks. It was revealed on Thursday thatCongressman Matt Gaetz, Republicans, Scott Perry, Republicans, Andy Biggs, Republicans, Loei Gomart, Republicans,demanded all forgiveness after the attack. .. 

According to Witnesses, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, discussed the amnesty of the members but did not seek amnesty.