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The January 6 hearing is flawed, but Republicans can't ignore Trump's bad behavior

Are Republicans starting to pass Donald Trump? A poll released this week showed that the former presidentremains a favorite candidatefor 53% of Republican voters. However, his number is declining and other candidates are increasing.

The most prominent is Ron DeSantis. The same poll showed that nearly a quarter of Republican voters named the Governor of Florida as their candidate for support. And while his number is only increasing, his number is only decreasing. Several polls in recent weeks have even shown that DeSantis is ahead of Trump.

One reason is clear. The conclusion that the hearing on January 6th has arrived.

Like many, at the beginning of the hearing,I thought the whole thing was just a partisan political theaterOne political aspect could be effectively implemented. Seems still pretty shameful in other political trials. Republicans have not called for several Democrats to form a committee investigating violence and looting across the United States in the summer of 2020.

Cassidy Hutchinson

So, of course, the Commission might say it was going to find. Maybe Donald Trump's guiltyIf that had all happened, Republicans could have ignored it.

But very difficult to ignoreis evidence from people closest to Trump (including his adviser and family). Every day of the inquiry, we were able to know exactly what the President was doing during those important days and hours.

Without a hearing, we didn't know that Trump was told by his closest adviserthat he had lost the electionand there was no way around it. did. Without a hearing, it might not have been possible to know how Trump and his family would "stop stealing" the money they requested from their supporters.

Liz Cheney

Ivanka Trump listens to his father talking to Vice on the phone You didn't know that. President Pencewas "p-y"because he did not help overturn the election results.

Or, Trump was informed that some of his supporters arrived in the capital with weapons on January 6, but "they are here to hurt me. Not"

Trump sent a tweet attacking Pence,violence in the Capitol, or some protesters said" Pence "deserves" it. Say "hang Mike Pence". Far from being the partisan empty burger that some of us expected, the daily inquiry has details that shock the chronistas of Rome's last day.

This week, whenTrump marched at the Capitol, the revelation that hewanted to join the crowd was bad enough. The news that he rushed into the handle of a presidential carwhen he was told he was being returned to the White House instead of the Capitol was a detail his worst critics never dreamed of. is. It may be a fiercely contested claim, but no one denies that he wanted to join the crowd.

Jan. 6 riot

Now you know how Trump refused to resign. Lost, conspiracy theorized, attracted crowds to the Capitol, and encouraged some of them to behave in a totally embarrassing manner

Trump's supporters said he I often tell me that I am the right and best fighter — and in order to win the election, I need to send the best fighter to the ring. But the truth is, at this stage Trump is a seriously injured fighter, and after he gives a gift to the enemy, he is hurting his side. He ignored the most basic foundations of democracy, such as respect for election results and ensuring peaceful succession of power. If it's not disqualifying, it's hard to know what it is.

It's understandable that Republicans try to ignore what comes out. But that will also be disastrous. Trump's enthusiastic supporters may have wanted to look away, but the rest of the country did not.

In the coming months, Republican voters are hoping to quietly reach the conclusion that this heavily contaminated man cannot be a candidate. Then they appreciate what good Trump has done and begin to gather around the candidates who can take it from there.

It may be a little comfortable for Republicans, so let me at least give you a little better news. Unlike the Democratic Party, the Republican Party has a good bench. Not all of their leading candidates are in the 80's. They are successful — even popular.

Republicans aren't over yet. But that must be the case in Donald Trump's time.

Fourth of July
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Great Britain's departure

As an immigrant from the UK, the weekend of July 4th is clearly a deeply triggering event. I've heard that a great fireworks display will be held in New York and other public celebrations to commemorate America's independence from British rule.

Come to think of it, it seems that in this era of endless claims, all minorities except the British are allowed to file complaints. Why doesn't anyone think of our feelings when they are celebrating the withdrawal of the United States from our benevolent domination? When Americans celebrate the creation of a republic where even a hereditary monarchy is not the head of state, no one wonders why it affects us. Or think about how we still mourn the tea that was brutally thrown into Boston Harbor a few years ago.

When I got involved in the great moaning game of our time, I kept up with historical pain, hurt feelings, and more. But like that, I hate the game. Here's a quick quote from the great British historian Paul Johnson when he opened his 1997 book, "History of the Americans." "The creation of the United States is the greatest of all human adventures."

Quite so. July 4th, which is very happy for everyone.