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Janet Jackson's 'Rhythm Nation' Has Severe Audio Glitch, Crashes Laptop

Janet Jackson's 1989 hit "Rhythm Nation" is too much for some laptops to handle.

Microsoft chief software his engineer Raymond his Chenwrote on his blog that the song was hard on his old model laptop. Revealed to have the same frequency as the drive. This is the natural frequency of the object.

And, unfortunately, your laptop may turn off.

This bizarre coincidence is comparable to how glass shatters when exposed to certain sounds.

Chen reported that an unnamed "major computer manufacturer" fixed the problem when a computer crashed near the one playing the song.

"I didn't want to go to the lab they must have set up to investigate this issue. It's not an artistic decision," Chen wrote on his blog.

"It turned out that the song contained one of the natural resonant frequencies of a model of 5400 rpm laptop hard drive used by them and other manufacturers," Chen said. said

but Chen said: The manufacturer added "a custom filter in the audio pipeline that detects and removes problematic frequencies during audio playback" to fix the bug.

Older laptops may not be Janet Jackson fans.
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"And I'm sure they put a digital version of the 'DO NOT DELETE' sticker on that audio filter. (Workaround added. It's been years since, and I'm afraid no one remembers why it's there)," Chen wrote.

"Hopefully their laptops don't have this audio filter yet to prevent damage to hard drive models they no longer use," he added. .

Released in the 80's, 'Rhythm Nation' debuted at #2 on Billboard's Top 200 chart. Jackson was also nominated for a Grammy Award for "Producer of the Year."