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Janice Dickinson slammed body-injuring 'America's Next Top Model' clip for resurfaced

Tyra Banks' "America's Next Top Model" past continues to haunt her.

A staple of 2000s reality shows, Banks, 48, and her former judge, Janice Dickinson, 67, in a controversial moment about their treatment of model participantshas resurfaced on Twitter.

Part of the third season reappears, with New York contestant Negro Kelleh Jacobbeing criticized for being "horrible" for his dark shown.

"Their treatment of Kele was terrible. I thought she was very beautiful and her complexion was great. But they broke her. Tyra definitely You owe her an apology,” said the viral tweet.Dickinson, 67, showed both retouched and raw shots of Jacob talking about image differences. When an aspiring model told Banks that other people told her she had "beautiful skin" and suggested that the problem was in the photo itself, Banks said it wasn't herself or how she posed. , accused her of placing the blame elsewhere. , said: myself. "

The way they treated Kele was horrible. I thought she was very beautiful and her complexion was wonderful. But they broke her Tyra definitely owes her an apology

— d n t u n v m e 2 (@dntunvme2) Aug 2022 Mon 8

"This episode made me cry, being a girl with acne my skin is still not half as perfect as Kere Tyra made the lives of many girls hell," one fan noted

and another used chimed in at. rice field. I had no problem with a normal, untouched photo of a woman. Tyra basically reinforced and validated the industry's bullying culture for the sake of the ratings. But tell me again how mean Naomi [Campbell] was.

Another clip about "ANTM" was also revived from the first season in 2003.

"The 2000s were different. This woman's body made me sick," a user tweeted along with TikTok, the controversy Banks and her co-judge gave contestant Robin Manning.


Manning was 26 on air and Considered by judges as "too old", "too fat", etc. to be a model.

The jury for the first season of the modeling series consisted of Banks, Dickinson, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Beau Killian. Panelists at the time claimed that Robin was "plus size," with large hips and thighs and a small stomach and chest. said in the video. However, Lee and Banks at the time disagreed with the authors of "No Lifeguard on Duty".

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Plus size model. I'm sorry," the "Janis Dickinson Modeling Agency" star continued. She burst into tears, stating that she felt "uncomfortable" to show off her body.[82][83] "It's clear that Robin doesn't have the personality to be a top model," Dickinson said. said.

Tyra Banks
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Viewers rewatch scenes from the series further commented on the matter and virtually shook his head at Banks' show. "The whole damn show was a hate crime against women's bodies. Black women in particular were making fun of us all and Tyra was there and all was fine."wrote

98} Someone else wrote: Why did she put racist Janice Dickinson on a f–king show?"Another person interrupted: Racist, vile, and sticky as hell.


"You have to get over it with this body, it was a different time back then. Moreover, if yall is truly happy with yall's appearance, yall will not be able to handle this trouble." 😂😂”

. "Another time.

Some users criticized Dickinson's words and wishedto stop blaming the bank."Don't come get Tyra again. Let's go to Janice d–khead," said one viewer.

while another fan said,129} I wrote an astute summary of what the contestants endure.

"After they poked and prodded this woman's body, they wondered why she didn't want to be photographed nude," they offered. "Gaslight"